From that level on it was a roller coaster journey.

As a locally owned company, HSS has made it their mission to help the community. Overall, HSS will deliver 1,715 books to 11 public elementary schools as part of its new "Lockers for Literacy" program this spring and fall. Through this program, which is being implemented with the help of Read to Me International, $2 from every new locker rental is donated to a fund that is used to purchase books. As Hawaii Self Storage increases in locations (and subsequent locker rentals) this fund is expecting to grow by 2008 to about $18,000/year, vastly increasing the students it impacts.

HSS also has committed $108,000 since beginning a scholarship program in 2004 that awards local public high school students in the communities they serve. HSS also collected 300 new and gently used books and puzzles in October and November 2006 for the Book Mobile, which services the Waianae Coast in an effort to loan books to those who may not get to a library. HSS encouraged customers to donate books by giving them $2 off the next month's rent for each book they donated.

Hawaii's largest self storage company with facilities in Kaimuki, Pearl City and Salt Lake, Hawaii Self Storage offers 24-hour access and air conditioning, the highest level of security, covered loading and unloading, free pick-up, free estimates, and canoe, kayak and surfboard storage. For small business customers, Hawaii Self Storage offers a business center complete with phone, fax, and wireless Internet service as well as free package acceptance service.

Steve Metter is CEO and principal of MW Group, Ltd., and principal broker of MW Commercial Realty Inc., which is a real estate development company with over $325 million in assets including the Pioneer Plaza. Others include Nimitz Center, secure self storage, Azeka I and II Shopping Center, Kihei Plaza, Kihei Kalama Village, Plaza at Punchbowl and Hawaii Self Storage.

Metter is an active community volunteer and through the B.R.I.D.G.E program, has extended his philanthropic proclivity to encompass those within his company.

Perseverance and eagerness to learn are instrumental to his success - these stemming evidently from his drive to get through college. And his ticket to university rested in the real estate business.

Introduction to Real Estate

Steve Metter's acquaintance to the real estate industry came quite candidly as an adolescent. Metter read a book about real estate where he realized the fundamentals and interrelationships of mortgage, interest rate and the market. At 18 years old, he had virtually bought his own home.

"I had read a book about real estate and I recognized that when interest rates were so high, the market would be very depressed and so I put an ad in the paper, if anyone has a mortgage they would like me to assume, I will assume it at the full value of the mortgage. So a guy called, a military guy living in San Diego and I in effect bought my first condo at age 18 ?, almost 19."

"I went to knock on the guy's door and he was expecting an adult, not an 18?-year-old little guy and so I knock on the door and he says, "Hey kid, whatever you're selling, I'm not into it. I've got to wait around for this guy because I'm trying to sell my condo." I said, "I'm that guy." And he said, "What is this, Candid Camera?" I said, "No, really. I'm that guy. Can I come in?" And he was really bummed out because he was trying to sell his condo and I sat there and said, "Listen, I can assume your mortgage and I can afford to pay for it." And he said, "Well, do you have a job?" I said, "Not exactly but I'm going to get a job. If I can get your property and contract, I'm going to go to Costco and bag groceries or do whatever I have to do and I'm going to find a partner to rent the other rooms or buy half the condo."

Metter stayed in the condominium for 18 ? months. He got a real estate license and shared the unit with a doctor. Eventually, he was able to assume the mortgage and sold the property. He netted $4500 which, along with some student loans, was used to fund his education at Berkeley.

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