Lose Weight And Keep It Off In 2011

After the complete over-indulgence of food and booze over Christmas, the guilt
starts to creep in after the New Year. Its a familiar feeling and we promise
ourselves to not just lose the extra pounds, but keep them off throughout the

year. Sounds easy in theory, so how can you keep the weight off in

Whilst your good intentions are at their highest, join the local
gym and have a complete clear-out at home. Joining a local health club will
kick-start your exercise regime and in January there is always a positive
atmosphere as everyone who is joining has the same idea to lose weight and look

To have a clear out at home you need to start with all the naughty
foods from Christmas. If you have some biscuit tins leftover, take them to a
local community centre. Not only will it stop you from eating the unhealthy
foods, but it will give you a warm feeling inside giving to those who need

Go through the cupboards and make sure all the food is fresh and
ready to cook with. Its worth investing in a new cheap nfl jerseys
recipe book to get you in the mood for your new healthy lifestyle.

getting to the spring and youve lost the extra pounds, but your enthusiasm is
starting to falter. Excuses to not go to the gym are easy to make and the
take-aways are ordered. How do you get your motivation back? Book in for a
session with a personal trainer at the gym, they will be able to overhaul your
workout and give you the boost you need to get excited about exercise

The summer season is approaching and youve managed to maintain
your weight, but the thought Redskins
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of putting the bikini or speedos back on leaves
you quaking the fear! What is the solution? Get a photo out of when you looked
and felt your best, put it somewhere where you will look at it regularly to
inspire you. Up your sessions at the gym to make sure there are no muffin tops
or love handles as you reveal your beach body!

Autumn comes around
quickly and as the nights draw in the idea of going down the health club is as
appealing as eating a salad. Instead of eating summery salads, make your own
soups from scratch. Not only will they fill you up,
you will also feel much warmer and happier inside. Choose a class at the gym
that you really enjoy, try spinning or squash to really get your heart-rate up
and keep you warm and take a friend to the class so you can motivate each other
and have fun.

Before you know it, its Christmas again! Youve made it
through the year and you are still looking fabulous. The only problem is with
the festive season looming you are worried about ruining all your hard
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work. Enjoy Christmas day and Boxing Day by
eating yourself silly, however on the 27th, go back to your healthy diet and you
will find you only put on 1 or 2 pounds! 

By Kimberly
Friday, 7 Dec 2012

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