Louie Heilbroner

Louie Heilbroner

    * Born July 4, 1861 in Fort Wayne, IN USA
    * Died December 21, 1933 in Fort Wayne, IN USA

Louie Heilbroner was business manager for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1900 when manager Patsy Tebeau resigned on August 18. Team owner Stanley Robison approached third baseman John McGraw to take over, but he declined. Robison then appointed Heilbroner to lead the team. He had some difficulty asserting his authority, because of his small size and lack of playing experience. It seems that McGraw was really calling the shots in any case.

Heilbroner tried his hand at managing again with the Fort Wayne, IN team of the 1906 Interstate Association. He would follow Jack Hardy as the second man to run the squad. The team ended up in a tie for the first spot with the Marion, IN team with identical records of 35-24 when the league was disbanded on July 18, 1906.

After his brief career behind the bench, Heilbroner moved into publishing and would become the author of the first National League Blue Book.

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Baseball Executive, Business Manager, John McGraw, Manager, St. Louis Cardinals


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