Low Cost Family Portrait Ideas

Everybody likes to have family portraits around their homes but many families
either cannot afford or do not choose to spend the amount of money it costs to
get family portraits taken. Many portrait studios not only charge for the

pictures themselves but also charge sitting fees, in many cases per person, that
can add up to a significant amount of money, especially for those on a tight
budget. This does not mean that you can t have great family photos though, you
just have to find more economical ways to go about getting your family together
and getting great portraits to hang on the walls of your home. The days of
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having to be taken in a portrait
studio are winding down with the increasingly advanced photo equipment that we
can use right at home. Here are a few ideas for getting great family photos on
your walls without spending a ton of money to do so.

One way to get cheap
family photos is to watch the portrait studios for deals. Often around the
holidays you can get portrait packages consisting of one pose for the whole
family for a considerably low price. Such packages generally run for under $10
and include Tennessee
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quite a few pictures, definitely enough
to share with your family and still have some for your home as well. You should
check with your local portrait studio to see what kind of specials they offer
and when and schedule your picture taking during that specific

Another way to get family portraits without breaking the bank is to
take the pictures yourself or have somebody help you. One way to do this is to
invest in a camera with a timer and a tripod. Another way to do this is to
enlist the help of a family San
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member or friend who is willing
to take the pictures for you. After getting the pictures you want taken you can
take the film to a local department or drug store to have developed. Once you
get the pictures back you can go through them and pick out the pictures you like
the most and have them enlarged at the same store that you had them developed
at. What is great about this is that you can take as many poses as you want and
can even do individual pictures as well without it costing a huge amount of
money. When doing this you want to be sure you stand in a place that will make a
good background for your photos such as a Christmas tree for holiday

Finally, another way get great family photos is to take pictures
with a digital camera and then print them up yourself. Photo printers are fairly
inexpensive and print great quality photos when you buy photo paper. Many
individuals already have digital cameras these days but if not you can usually
find a decent one for under $100. The amount of money you save on portraits will
be well worth the  Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys cheap.

If you don t want to spend the money on
pricey portraits that doesn t mean you have to go without, take your own
pictures and save some money this year.

By Kimberly
Monday, 17 Dec 2012

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