Lucca Comics And Games The 2013 Games Fair

The Tuscan city hosts a hall completely dedicated to comics and videogames:
the city will be for two weeks a Land of Toys, where adults and children can get
informed, have a look, play and, finally, buy. There will be the last generation

videogames, coming from the online role-playing games and others, but also
comics for everyone.
Hence, you will find a hall where you’ll be able to try
free games for children, to choose your favourite games and comics in an
unrepeatable atmosphere: the major videogames producers participate in the
event, and you will find the most important comics, from the timeless Japanese
comics to the beautiful fantasy and superheroes ones, and much more!
For the
pc games lovers, the Lucca exhibition is a must because it focuses on the last
news on the videogames world, with previews of the awaited games expected for
Christmas: Call of Duty Black Ops, James Bond 007 Bloodstone and Harry Potter
and the deathly Hallows, just to name some.
Summing up, entering in the
wonderful Pleasure Island organized in Lucca you’ll be able to see, try and know
the newest pc games, admire the cartoonists’ drawings and, most of all, ply.
There will not only be videogames to New
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try, but also games proposed by
the craftsmen, to get to know the news.
Games have always been a fundamental
part of everyone’s life, adults and children: interests and modalities change,
maybe starting, in the adult age, to prefer the board games rather than the more
physical ones played by children, in which there are runs, races, jumps and
more, but the fact is that you never stop playing.
Or, at least, not to stop
playing is what the Lucca Comics and Games Fair wishes everyone: there’s a child
living inside every adult, they say. This child’s food is game, and its purpose
it that of aiming to something that, once you Arizona
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reach, won’t bring you anything
concrete, but will give you fun and satisfaction.
Many of the things we do,
in fact, have a practical and concrete purpose: the aim can be an object, an
information, a profit.. Dallas
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.the aim of any game, instead, is the
simple and pure fun, to which you can add the satisfaction of a victory.
invitation, then, is open: everyone’s welcome at the Lucca Comics and Games
Fair. It’s a Land of Toys, but basically different from Pinocchio’s, which
separated children from real life and transformed them into donkeys: the Land of
Toys of Lucca gives us some light-heartedness and some fantasy, which we need to
keep alive the part of us able, whatever you age may be, to find a smile in the
stressful days, among traffic and problems of any St.Louis Rams jerseys cheap.

By Kimberly
Monday, 17 Dec 2012

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