Mets honor MCA, Beastie Boys the Wright way

Mets honor MCA, Beastie Boys the Wright way

Mets honor MCA, Beastie Boys the Wright way


The Beastie Boys, what else is there to say?

On what is normally a fun, entertaining day dedicated to Star Wars fanatics (May the Fourth be with you), a dark, solemn cloud hovered over everything else.

Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, one of the founding members of the Beastie Boys, passed away after a three-year battle with cancer. He was only 47 years old.

Growing up, I never was big into music. Sports controlled a lot of my life and continued to dominate my attention as I got older. But, as a Jew myself, the Beastie Boys were always a band I could turn to because all three members were Jewish, too. And, not only were they Jewish, but they were huge names in a genre of music that, you know, young Jews like myself don’t necessarily relate to.

Licensed to Ill came out three years before I was born, but I always had friends that had a Beastie Boys CD and we would jam out to it while playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater or NBA Jam. It was a go-to. As time moved forward and I got my driver’s liscense, going to Mets games became a fixture. Every year, my Mets buddies and I would congregate at Swanky Franks in Westport, CT and plot out which games were “can’t miss” and which games were ones we’d make a decision on the day of.  

We also started a new tradition that carried us through the rest of high school and into college. We started paying closer attention to the songs each Met walked up to before their at-bat, compiled an extensive list, threw in some of our own personal favorites, and created our annual “Mets Mixes.” For some reason that to this day I wouldn’t be able to accurately explain, I still remember that very first mix we created in 2006. Maybe it was that ’06 Mets team being the most exciting team we’ve seen, or maybe it was the music that was on there. Both probably play significant roles.

Of the songs on that first mix, “Brass Monkey” is one of the songs we came to better appreciate throughout the season. Third baseman David Wright always had a different song for each at-bat that season, but he always used “Brass Monkey” second in his order. For one reason or another, Wright’s song selections always became huge debate points at games. Its like we needed something else to nit-pick, and Wright’s music served as a balance for that need. The amount of times my friends and I debated if Wright should ditch “Brass Monkey” because he seemingly always made an out when it played happened at least once a day. Yet, that’s the song I best associate Wright with to this day.

Tonight, when the Mets played host to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Justin Turner and Scott Hairston had the idea for the team to find a way to honor the Beastie Boys tonight. What was the result?

Every Met had a Beastie Boys song playing when they walked to the plate. The list:

Ruben Tejada – “Intergalactic”

Daniel Murphy – “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn”

David Wright – “Brass Monkey”

Lucas Duda – “The New Style”

Scott Hairson – “Root Down”

Ike Davis – “Fight for Your Right (to Party)”

Andres Torres – “So What’cha Want”

Josh Thole – “Make Some Noise”

Dillon Gee – “Body Movin’”

Look, the Mets don’t often get it right. They’ve done a lot of things recently that left fans frustrated and searching for answers. However, this momentous one they pulled off perfectly. They didn’t make a big deal out of it. They didn’t try to make it a story. Instead, they simply grouped together in the clubhouse and came up with the proper way to show their respect. It’s a phenomenal moment.

Tonight became one of those games that my friends and I would’ve said we couldn’t miss. And it was completely unexpected. Well done, Mets. Well done.

Rest in Peace, MCA. The world is a better place because of you.

by Alexander Herd - FeedCrossing

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Saturday, 5 May 2012


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  • Blissette said: Wow, that is a pretty good rendition of the whole thing. They need to do this from time to time. - O2 Media 6:38AM 06/30/14
  • Mike Lavery said: MCA will be missed! 9:35AM 05/08/12
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