Mets Inquired About A.J. Burnett

Mets Inquired About A.J. Burnett

Mets Inquired About A.J. Burnett


Amazing how this was a “what if” scenario that fans debated throughout the summer as both players struggled. I don’t blame the Yankees for showing no interest in this deal since I believe Brett Gardner is a better offensive/defensive combo package in left. Bay would also block& Jesus Montero in the DH spot, and the Yankees still have a need for arms.

For as aggravating as Burnett can be, he still is an effective backend of the rotation starter. Yes, he is overpaid and expensive, but when you evaluate him in the proper format he doesn’t look nearly as bad.

The Mets could only win in this type of scenario. First, they would be rid of a tricky fifth year vesting option that could stretch Bay’s deal to 2014. If Bay accumulates 600 PAs in 2013 or 500 PAs in both 2012 and 2013, then his full $17 million dollar salary is guaranteed in 2014. If not, the Mets can buy it out for $3 million dollars.

The salaries of Burnett and Bay are nearly identical the next two years as Bay is owed $16 million and Burnett $16.5.

Unless the Yankees are desperate to move Burnett out of the clubhouse or save $500k, this trade makes no sense for the Bombers since it would be a complete win for the Mets.

I will say a trade to the Mets probably would be the best thing for Burnett to get things turned around. He would be away from the expectations of the Bronx, back in the pitcher friendly National League, and play half his home games at Citi Field.

Burnett has a better shot at producing better statistical results and giving himself a great opportunity to sell another team on a multi-year contract in the winter of 2013.

Brian Cashman has too much affinity for Burnett to trade him for a power hitter that is declining in the one skill he excels at. Also, do you think he wants to see Burnett turn it around across town? Seeing Burnett win another game for the Mets is not the best way to start your morning.

I fully expect A.J. Burnett to be in the Yankees rotation come Opening Day.

By Mike Silva and Frank Russo


By New York Mets
Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011

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