Mike’s Mailbag 10-17

Mike’s Mailbag 10-17

Mike’s Mailbag 10-17


It's time for the World Series.  The Brewers and Tigers can start their offseason plans.  Where will Prince Fielder end up?  I take a look at some of the questions I've gotten this past week.  Prospects, Zombies, and Craig Counsell's carrer.

Who's going to win the World Series?

I’m picking the Rangers to win.  They’ve got a much better lineup – There is no easy out, top to bottom.  The starting staffs are pretty even. Chris Carpenter is the best pitcher in the series.  I do give the edge to the Rangers bullpen.  The Cardinals could take a game or two, but I put my money on the Rangers.

Craig Counsell World Series RunOne thing that will go mostly unnoticed is what was most likely the final at bat of Craig Counsell’s career.  Counsell is a career .256 hitter, but that’s not how he will be remembered.  Counsell will go down in MBL history – He was on the bases for two game 7 World Series winning hits.  In the 1997 World Series Counsell hit a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game and scored the game winning run in the bottom of the 11th.  In 2001 Cousell was hit by a pitch and on base for a Luis Gonzalez bases loaded hit.

What was the worst handshake you’ve ever had?

Schwartz and Harbaugh handshakeIf nothing else, I excelled in sportsmanship.  I remember I had to get between people after one intense soccer game.  In general, not a lot of crazy things have happened.  I do have a crazy experience meeting a girlfriend's father, now an ex, which involved unloading guns from his car.  I’ve never seen anything like what happen between Schwartz and Harbaugh.  That was crazy, and I’m not sure who’s more at fault.  I don’t really care about these things, but I do like to laugh about them.  I remember people used to make a lot about Bellichick’s handshakes.  Recently NFL network showed a movie about Bellichick.  I found it very interesting and in the documentary Bellichick was talking to one opposing coach before the game (it might have been Mangini, I don’t remember) Bellichick and him talked before the game, shook hands and stuff, and Bill said, (paraphrasing) Let’s get all of this out of the way now and not shake after the game.  Bill knew that it would be a distraction and just got it all out of the way.  Back when it happned, we didn’t see the convo before the game, the reports and TV stations went crazy about the lack of handshake.  I don’t know, that’s all so funny to me.

What’s do you think is happening with the Theo compensation?

Brett JacksonThe league doesn’t allow announcements during the World Series, so that means that the agreement needs to be made before Wednesday or after the World Series.  I hear that the Red Sox are making really high demands.  At this point, why not? First of all, the Cubs already made it known that he is their GM, so they have to eventually give in and secondly, the Red Sox look foolish this offseason so they need to make a good move.  The Red Sox aren’t going to get Castro but they might be asking for him at this point.  If they could settle for Brett Jackson, I would call that a success.  Jackson could be the starting right fielder next year and also insurance if Ellsbury leaves.  Jackson is said to be untouchable.  The three players I hear talked about the most are Trey McNutt, Josh Vitters, and Matt Sczur.  It seems like they will get one of them, not a package, possibly a lower prospect thrown in.  Let’s start with Vitters.  – Once a highly touted prospect. Drafted 3rd overall in 2007, he’s appeal has dropped some.  Vitters is a third baseman and the Red Sox top prospect, Will Middlebrooks, is also a third baseman. The Red Sox don’t have room for both unless one’s bat develops enough to be a full time DH.  Next is Sczur – Sczur was a two-sport athlete, he played wide receiver for Villanova.  He’s only been in pro ball for two years and put up decent numbers.  He makes good contact numbers and has good range in centerfield.  If the Red Sox can’t get Jackson, Sczur would be a good haul instead.  The player that it seems most likely to come to Boston is McNutt – I’m not overly impressed by what I read about McNutt.  At his peak he’s projected to be a number two starter.  His first two years in the minors he put up outstanding numbers, his numbers last year weren’t great.  So I would keep my eyes on those names.

Do you watch the Walking Dead?

Walking DeadReluctantly… I like it but as a TV show, it’s never really grabbed me.  There is no character development and I don’t care about any of them.  Honestly, if for a major twist, if all of the characters died at the end of last season and they had a whole new cast, and followed their journey this year, I might have actually liked it better.  Everyone is boring, is that what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Be boring.  It’s got potential but it can’t live off of potential for long.

If you have any good zombie recommendations for me to watch, or any zombies that are prospects for the Cubs, email me at

By Mike Lavery
Monday, 17 Oct 2011

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