Mike’s Mailbag 10-24

Mike’s Mailbag 10-24

Mike’s Mailbag 10-24


So many experts picked the Rangers, are you surprised that the series is 2-2?

I am.  At the time I made the predictions, I didn’t realize that Hamilton was injured.  I recently saw one report say that Hamilton would be on the DL if it weren’t the playoffs.  That’s a huge loss of the Rangers.  He is their best hitter and best all around player.  He had a big hit last night but he has only two hits this series so far. With that said, I still believe that the Rangers will win the series.

Have you seen Moneyball yet?

Nooe.  I do plan on seeing it this week though. (I’ve said that before though).  So keep your eyes open for a review that I’ll write after I see it. Speaking of relevant movies, I also saw today, in Boston news, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are making a Whitey Bulger movie - starring Damon, directed by Affleck.

How much did Albert Pujols increase his contract value?

Albert Pujols World Series Home RunI don’t think by too much.  I personally wouldn’t give Albert the money that I expect him to get.  If he gets over $25 million per year, how many years will he be worth that?   If the Yankees had a chance to take back ARod’s contract, you think they would?  Speaking of which, I saw an article in a New York paper saying why the Yankees shouldn’t re-sign C.C., which is crazy to me.  Sure, C.C. is not in great shape, but the Yankees need a horse at the start of the rotation.

Are the Nationals headed in the right direction?

You’d have to think so.  They have Strasburg, possibly the best young pitcher and Harper, possibly the best young hitter (all due respect to Mike Trout).  I’ve also heard rumors about them targeting one of the first basemen on the market.  Some protection should help Werth - he needs some support.  I think they have a nice young nucleus to work around and they’re not afraid to spend money.

What’s your Halloween costume?

Ralph Wiggum IdahoI doubt I'll dress up.  Not really my style.  If I do, I think I'll dress up as Ralph Wiggum when he had to dress up as Idaho for a school project.  I generally put that much effort into my costumes.

Speaking of Halloween, there are a lot of spooky tv shows coming out lately. I wonder if it’s because it’s October, or just where TV is headed (Walking Dead and True Blood come to mind).

I’ve seen the first two "American Horror Story" episodes, I’m not sold yet, but I’m interested to see where it’s headed.  I DVR’d “Once Upon A Time”, my roommate wanted to see it, so I’ll give it a try. Plus, it’s got Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison.

Can the Rangers blame the blown call?  Is it fair to have an ump from that city work during that team’s series?

Kulpa Blown CallI’m assuming you’re talking about the blown call at first base on the Holliday at bat.

I’ll take the second one first.  I’d say no but I trust the umps aren’t corrupt or doing anything to intentionally affect the series.  In fact, the same ump (Kulpa, from St. Louis) was the ump who called Kinsler safe on the stolen base the game 2.

The blown call, it happens.  I know that’s a bad answer.  It’s hard to say what would have happened if the correct call had been made.  The game changes completely had it been a different call, but it doesn’t mean that the Rangers would have won.  Every pitch from that point on might have been different.  It’s way too hard for us to go back and project what would have happened.

What do you think of these new creepy shows?  How do you feel about the series so far? Let me know


By Mike Lavery
Monday, 24 Oct 2011

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