Mountain bike saddle

Bicycle seat comfort can certainly create big difference when you're out
cycling. For the long trips, sometimes over a few days, an mtb saddle can make
life very uncomfortable for you, especially if you haven't put the practice

miles in before hand. We're not all professional bike riders, and some of us
just want to enjoy the experience of the ride, not break any records.

For those of us that think this way, it is important to get the most
comfortable mountain bike saddle that you can. Padded bicycle seats can help, or
the best padded bicycle shorts. There is no escaping the backside pain when you
have cycled all day long, had an overnight stay, then start again in the
morning. It can hurt for a while until you get back into the groove, but this
can be minimised as much as possible with a good bicycle seat.

But think
of this…after cycling for a while, you might find that Cheap
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a harder bike saddle can become more
comfortable than a padded one, as long as you have a saddle that fits well.
They're like shoes - a good shoe might hurt for a bit once you first get them,
but once they're broken in, there's nothing more comfortable.

possible problem with a padded bike saddle is that you might ‘slide around' on
it. This actually makes your ride less comfortable, especially on a long ride -
your bottom cannot get used to a fixed position, and the constant movement on
the seat means more chafing, and there are few worse places on your body to get
chafing than on your backside!

You should also consider the ‘cutaway'
bike saddle, which has a slit in the middle to relieve pressure on the important
regions of your body (for a man). You might have heard stories or myths about
cycling being bad for the reproductive system - well, think about what you're
really doing to that part of your body when Cheap
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you're out on a long ride, and it does make
sense, I'm afraid…

There is no one size fits all when it comes to
mountain bike saddles. Some people go cycling to lose weight, which implies that
maybe their backside is that little bit bigger - please, I am trying no to
insult, but we all know who we are. A cutting thin bicycle seat is no good for
us, but the good news is….there are plenty big bicycle seats available now.

Get the burn in the legs, not Cheap
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the bottom!

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you will ever need.

By Kimberly
Sunday, 3 Mar 2013

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