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So with the Yankee exit from the playoffs, where does the team go from here?  What moves can they make to maintain their best record in the American League once again?

The first step is management.  I’m sure Girardi is coming back, but we don’t know about Cashman – His contract is up.  I’m torn on Cashman,  I feel like he wants a organization that lets him see his youth develop, but at the same time, why wouldn’t he want to be in the highest paying organization that is a lock to be in contention every week?

C.C. SabathiaThe Yankees are linked to the biggest personnel question in the offseason – C.C. Sabathia.  C.C. can opt out of his remaining four years & $92M.  Everyone fully expects him too.  It’s hard for me to imagine that C.C. will play anywhere besides New York next year.  It’s very similar to what happened to A-Rod a couple years ago.  C.C. will get a raise and a longer contract to remain the ace of the Yankees.

Sabathia will lead the staff in front of Nova, Burnett, and Hughes - Hughes will get arbitration.  With Garcia and Colon hitting free agency, they have one or two holes to fill.  The Yankees could make an offer to Colon or Garcia, but they’d be better off targeting some of the free agents.  I’m sure the Yankees will target C.J. Wilson - and Edwin Jackson will also be a target.  I could see the Yankees searching the trade market for an arm too, don’t forget they were interested in Wandy Rodriguez months ago.

Granderson catchThe lineup is set for the most part.  Cano’s option will no doubt be picked up, I expect Swisher’s option to get picked up as well. - There aren’t many option better than Swisher out there.  Gardner is a first time arbitration player, the Yankees will offer him arbitration.  Here’s a quick of topic rant – Would the Yankees consider moving Gardner to center and Granderson to left?  Despite Granderson’s great plays the other night, he is a below average center fielder (The first play was spectacular because he took a terrible route). and Gardner has one of the highest UZR ratings for left field – Even though left field is skewed.  Why not try it?   So anyway, the final two questions are catcher and DH.  Last night was probably Posada’s final game.  I expect the Yankees to offer Martin arbitration – There is a perception that Martin had a really good year when in reality, he hit .237 with a .324 OBP.  He had a lot of early season home runs but ended with only 18.  However, in only 61 at-bats Montero hit 4 home runs, and hit .328 with a .406 OBP.  Montero is the backup next year no matter what, if the Yankees wanted to, they could target Doumit, or Hernandez, both would provide an upgrade over Martin.  With DH, the Yankees could rotate veteran players and Montero.  If they really wanted to be ballsy, they could sign David Ortiz.  Andruw Jones and and Eric Chavez are free agents.  The Yankees will add bench depth through free agency.  Chris Dickerson will get arbitration.  Maybe Juan Rivera will return to give an outfield bat off the bench,  and someone like a Wes Helms could replace Chavez.

For the bullpen, most people will be back.  Robertson, Chamberlain, and Logan will all get arbitration. Carlyle won’t.  There is almost no chance that Soriano will opt out.  Ayala and Rivera will round out the pen.

Yankees outfield celebrateSo as it seems, the Yankees are pretty set next year.  The biggest issue is bringing back C.C. and signing a few starting pitchers - Besides that, all the Yankees need are a couple bench bats and maybe a DH.   Chances are that the Yankee rotation will be better next year with out their lineup taking a hit. Although the Yankees didn’t reach their goal this year, look for them to be right back in the chase next year.

By Mike Lavery
Saturday, 8 Oct 2011

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