No Swing In Braun's Personality

No Swing In Braun's Personality

No Swing In Braun's Personality

"Since I wasn't at Ryan Braun's post-acquittal appearance at the start of spring training, I needed to see the guy in person before taking my own advice and moving on from the topic.

He was sitting alone at his locker and looking at the floor on Sunday when I approached him.

Of course, Braun said, he had time to talk.

Yep, same, ol' Braun. Always approachable, always friendly, always looking you in the eye.

And always totally prepared for what to say.

In one of life's little happenstances, Braun had just finished putting in his work against the San Francisco Giants, whose fans were generally supportive of Barry Bonds when the rest of the baseball-centric world was not. With a bloop-single dose of irony, some of the Giants faithful greeted Braun with the creatively compromised chant of "urine sample.""




By Truth and rumors
Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012

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