Not Buying Adrian Gonzalez's Downplaying of Text Message Rumor

Not Buying Adrian Gonzalez's Downplaying of Text Message Rumor

Not Buying Adrian Gonzalez's Downplaying of Text Message Rumor

A text message from the phone of Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was the source of the latest Bobby Valentine drama and now Gonzalez is denying his involvement. Former catcher Kelly Shoppach is said to be one of the leaders in the opposition against Valentine and the leader behind the infamous text message. While Gonzalez said he did not agree with the uprising against Valentine, he did agree that a message from the team’s highest-paid player (himself) would get management’s attention.

So you are telling me that a grown man did not know that a teammate got a hold of his phone and sent a message to his boss? Can you imagine playing out that scenario in your workplace with your boss? Gonzalez has been great during his almost two years in Boston, but I am not buying his story.

Gonzalez, like every other player currently on the team, has been supporting Valentine in the media to help downplay any rumors. The easy way out is to blame a player who has recently been traded so the perpetrator is no longer on the team.


Shoppach has quickly put the past behind him and shows focus on his role with the New York Mets, but the questions have not stopped. Though he is still frequently asked, his answers do not add fuel to any fire.

It is sad to say, but Valentine entered a lose/lose situation when joining the Red Sox and he will likely be gone at the end of the season. Too much controversy has surrounded him this season to come back for a second. Regardless of the outcome, unless it’s somehow a World Series Championship, Valentine will either be fired or quit.

The problems are not in any way his fault, but the players do not like him for some reason and he is losing control of the clubhouse. Their lack of respect for Valentine could reflect the team’s lack of performance on the field, but if that is the case, shame on the players. Regardless of their feelings on the manager, every loss, every error, every strikeout, every controversial media report, is damaging to the Red Sox fan base.


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By Sports Media 101
Tuesday, 21 Aug 2012

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