Occupy Lansdowne Street

Occupy Lansdowne Street

Occupy Lansdowne Street


Remember when John Henry, the geeky looking, personable owner of our beloved Boston Red Sox stared straight into the eyes of the Yankees and called them the "Evil Empire?" My how things have changed.  A "New Hope" was created, a curse was broken, two World Series were won, we re-embraced Bill Buckner, celebrities were everywhere wearing the hated pink hats and then BAM.... a season filled with garbage, despair and now a negative, finger-pointing campaign smear blaming everyone but the people in charge. Shit certainly does roll downhill and John Henry is an amazing bowler. 7-10 split anyone?

What pock-marks have we seen under this regime?  Papi's steroid use, Manny's everything, the "Our Drinking Team has a Baseball Problem" approach by the pitchers and now Tito is abusing pain-killers!?! Who the hell is the door guy to the clubhouse...Nino Brown? Next thing you know, a story will come out revealing that Theo Epstein had been driving to Bangor, Maine to buy "bath salts" and was cooking them up on spoons before he signed John Slackey and Stoolio Lugo. This is a major PR problem created by the PR department of the Red Sox.

I am absolutely appalled that it has come to this. I turn to the blogs, papers and every baseball source I can find on the daily, to read up on the playoffs and "Hot Stove" information regarding free-agents, contracts, player rankings and so on and so forth. I read sites like Bleacher Report , ESPN, and Beantown Banter religiously and now TMZ has to become a source of my Red Sox news updates. When did Henry, Lucchino and Werner start sitting around like Bartles and James, drinking Sutter Home White Zinfandel and concocting these malicious plans?  It is getting absurd people. We've become a logo, a brand, no longer a team that inspires as opposed to a symbol of marketing BS and money-making strategies.  Have we not learned anything from our treatments of Ted Williams and his refusal to tip his cap, or the media's abuse of Nomar, Rice, Clemens, Yaz and Pedro?  All the monies raised for the Jimmy Fund and the heartfelt stories of John Lester and Ryan Westmoreland are all past the reach of the eye now.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." We've been duped by a machine. A Keyser Soze like machine, seemingly more interested lately in clearing his name or being  portrayed in Moneyball as the man who legitimized sabermetrics. An ownership group with one guy holding open the door while the other two put foot to ass and an extra kick from the top step. They act caught-off guard by these leaks of drinking and pill-popping, yet they've known about it all along. How can a group who owns and emmy-award winning sports network filled with in-depth reports not have known? You're suspect. I am just as guilty as the rest of you  in  the Nation, hence I am writing this article, but this is the last time I take the the bait, hook, line and sinker.

What do I suggest? I would love to spin the "Occupy Lansdowne Street" into something real, but I'm tired of this shit and as my ironically initialed friend "GM" pointed out to me today, it's useless to boycott. Why? This regime would simply flip the script. " Henry would probably find a way to charge me a $10 squatter fee and then they would steal the idea and change it to "XMAS ON YAWKEY" where fans can spend XMAS morning with their kids in the shadow of the iconic Fenway Park." It would cost us money to wear Red Sox mittens and drink Dunkin Hot Chocolates while throwing $5 snowballs at a cardboard cut-out of Alex Rodriguez or Mark Texeira.

So, I'm done for now. It's full-time Patriots and Bruins season.  Fahk John Henry, feed him beans.

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By theknoxscore
Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011

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