October is time for traditions, Old and New

October is an interesting time of year in baseball from a historical perspective. For a Cubs fan you have some interesting anniversaries intersecting. Today, October 14 alone is a real feast for anyone who wants to chew on the Cubs ups and downs. It is the anniversary of the so-called "Bartman" game, which has been dredged up ad nauseum, thanks to an ESPN special. This is a real "down" for Cubs fans everywhere. But, consider this: today is also the anniversary of the day the Cubs clinched their most recent World Championship, very much an "up", at least if you were alive for it, or are just one of those upbeat people that sees the glass as half full. Then there is the talk about Theo Epstein signing with the Cubs. That has me thinking about what happened on October 15, 1981 because that was the day Dallas Green was hired and saw the inauguration of the "New Tradition". If I remember right, there was just as much optimism for Greens arrival as there has been for Epsteins pending arrival. Now, say what you will about George Dallas Green and the failures of his tenure, but he did bring them to post season for the first time in 39 years and he did revitalize what had been a pretty much dead farm system(was the farm system ever really that alive under Wrigley?). And the team that won in 1989 was loaded with players Green had brought in through the farm system. 

Of course, since 1945, October has been mostly for firings, hirings and the odd trade, though since Green there have been more postseasons. But thats part of the fun of history. There are anniversaries you love to celebrate and the anniversaries you hate. For anyone who might see me on Facebook, I have  This day in Cubs history. Its a way to have fun looking back at a particular event. Its part of loving the history of the Cubs. I hope to be able to do that on my blog here. Feel free to let me know what you think and I hope you will check out my

By cubs_an_appreciation
Friday, 14 Oct 2011

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