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Faced with an ever-growing void of scientific evidence, Al Gore's sect of hopeless souls seeks to replace fact with fiction--including the US's threat to polar bear extinction. Things have become so dire that by the year 2020, simply keeping websites on the web would have a total carbon footprint equal to that of the entire airline industry. More significantly, as Herman Daly pointed out decades ago in Steady State Economics, these 'geo-engineering' mitigations actually make us more vulnerable. There is plenty of information out there to help you make up your mind and I'll give you a leg-up. the list goes on for what can and often does goes wrong.

Yet, it is a "buzz" word that is not easily understood by most Earthlings who are seriously concerned about the welfare of our planet. Is global warming the cause behind the Yellowstone oil spill. This e - Book, Nuclear Fusion e - Book, will give you a great deal of information, but it's still up to you to decide whether you believe it. Replace traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. So I've summarized the main take home point(s) of each of the posts to date here.

Each person alone can change the world, one by one. Up to 85 percent of the cellulose used is shredded newsprint that has been collected for recycling and would otherwise end up in landfills. That is nothing at all compared to Cache Valley's winter inversion air. Don't give them regulatory privileges or allow them to monopolize a market. The global warming alarmists want us to believe all of their research and paperwork and they tell us to the earth is heating up and we are all going to die in an apocalyptic fiery hell.

Coal and oil are the mainstays in power generation and to power our transport. If he can genetically engineer an especially good tasting apple with luscious visual appeal, the orchard business handed down to him from his parents, will be saved. The question is whether or not we're willing to utilize these resources to the fullest. The book then goes into discussions of “living systems” such as the role of forests (and deforestation), soil, and population as related to climate change and energy usage. Shoppers in today's society are amazed that they can purchase a light bulb that claims to burn for 7 years, and are even more amazed if it actually does.

Hopefully very soon, governments, health organizations, agriculturists, farmers, and people from all walks of life will realize we cannot continue to consume our earth. But if you want to be naive and say it's just weather, it's on you. According to the CDC, "Although vampire bats currently are found only in Latin America, research suggests that the range of these bats might be expanding as a result of changes in climate. Perhaps your world might be just as hot but it'll be cooler under your collar. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked and dejected with a lost opportunity.

Here's more information regarding landfill sites check out

By florenceo
Thursday, 9 May 2013


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