PDF995 Will Turn Your Info Products Into PDFs

PDF995 Will Transform Your Info Products Into PDFs

Whether you would like to produce an ebook yourself or have it made for you, you are going to require a number of tools. Your ebook should be delivered in a particular format, which you are going to have to take into account. One alternative is to create a compiled version. With this strategy, each and every chapter is put on its own html page, when your ebook is created. On your server you then put all the pages in a single folder. The last step is to utilize one of the many available software programs to compile the electronic book.

Adobe PDF format is a different way you could use for putting your electronic book together. Proprietary Adobe products cost a great deal, but instead you could use the amazing free tool that's available. The are a couple of products that you ought to download, PDFEdit995 and PDF 995. Using them is very easy. Just download and install the components on your laptop or computer. Then open your electronic book and choose the print option from the program menu. You are going to see a new window in which you could give your e-book a name and then save the document. With the cost-free version of PDF995 an ad will show up in a small, pop-up window. The only time this happens is at the creation of a PDF file, and the advert will never be displayed to your readers.

The next step is to open PDFEdit995, which will also cause a small advert to be shown. You can modify your ebook, by, for example, including page numbers and feedback, and adding clickable hyperlinks. The tools in the PDF995 suite are incredibly useful for any individual wishing to create information products. One can't quibble about the price, as you get it for free, after all. This product is wonderful to make use of throughout the e-book creation process. If you sell an e-book, don't deliver it with the DOC files. You do this just when private label rights have been provided as part of the deal.

You've spent your time making an electronic book that you want to sell, so you don't want somebody to steal it. It requires only a bit more effort to protect all the hard work you invested in your information product. The more difficulties you put in the way of possible thieves, the less you will be a victim. You can actually increase the security of your PDF document all the more by disabling the right click function. It is going to still be possible to copy the text, but basically with much greater difficulty.

One particular good business model is developing information products in the form of electronic books. If this seems appealing to you, the tools provided with PDF 995 are worth looking into. They will allow you to turn your Word docs into PDFs and modify them, so they're ready to sell.

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Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013

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