Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Howling deadline wolves

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Howling deadline wolves

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Howling deadline wolves

The vultures with their equipment were there to rate Cole Hamels and the other stars of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Do you know why Rube Amaro waited until now before increasing his re-signing efforts for his youngest ace?


I will publish after every battle that is not washed out.  I will have many season-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats.  If you were directed here by a feed and this review does not mention yesterday’s contest, please go to the Phillies page for my most recent coverage. (Early morning readers may arrive before the latest post.) Scroll down to Tal’s Handy Links at the bottom. Thank you.

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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    5-1 Triumph

The Crystal Champagne Toast Cole Hamels Five-Star Performance
The Penthouse Cole Hamels

Chooch Ruiz

Polly Polanco

Hunter Pence

A Sterling 8 Innings

2-Out RBI Single For A 1-0 Lead In The 1st

During His 2 For 4 Afternoon

Sac-Fly RBI In The 4th For 2-0, Scoring Chooch

Blasted A 3-RBI Bomb In The 5th To Ice The Win


The Roster Monsters:

They are sprinkled behind the plate in parks where talent languishes on the diamonds of the Royals and other familiar losing locations. The difference makers on also-ran teams are charted for their strengths and weaknesses by contending organizations. Yesterday, scouts from both LA franchises and Texas were there to appraise Hamels. Like the 4-legged animals, these creatures travel in packs. They were, also, there to write reports on other regulars from both clubs. This year the Phils are, currently, on the wrong side of that annual ritual. Other GM’s are evaluating Hamels, Shane Victorino, Cliff Lee, Polly Polanco, Joe Blanton and Hunter Pence with an eye for a bargain.

I can remember their opinions on Scott Rolen (2002) and Curt Schilling (2000), who would look great in their new uniforms. They were giddy about a top-of-the-rotation hurler or 3-4-5 stick for their postseason chances. Then, Pat Gillick traded Bobby Abreu to dump salary, because New York didn’t want Pat Burrell. That said, the red pinstripes stared to kick up a fuss and Jamie Moyer joined them in August 2006. The Front Office sold in July and bought during August. And we experience this intersection again, but simultaneously.

Victorino, Blanton, Pence and Polanco are the players with expiring contracts, which means management is pruning the payroll unless a run is sustained. Lee wouldn’t bring enough in a deal, and there would be an expectation of sharing his financial burden. The amusing part is that Doc Halladay has to prove he’s injury-free before he earns interest. Then, there is King Cole. Like Doc and Cliff, he will be here next summer with or without a major push for the 2nd wildcard.

Hamels wanted 7 years at approximately $25M per and Amaro was around $23M for 5 tours.  The midpoint is 6 campaigns at $24M, and for that amount of cash, Rube had to see 2012 unfold.  He didn’t want to take that extra step and have another expensive asset on the DL.  He didn’t want another 2009 performance or a Tim Lincecum.  The Freak saw a drop in his fastball velocity last year, re-upped for $40M+ over 2 seasons, and he is another Barry Zito, so far.  Cole is healthy, has 2.5 dominant summers behind him, and he’ll probably receive from the midpoint to halfway between his demands.  In other words, his offer will be $150M over six tours with options for a seventh or eighth 162.



Joe Blanton:

He seems to be vulnerable in his final frame, because the 7th and 8th innings have been treacherous territory for the relief corps.  He has to get 3 outs too many at times, because starters don’t have a reliable replacement before Jonathan Papelbon.  That said, he has lasted 6.2 frames plus in 10 of 17 opportunities with 6 monstrosities.

1 RHP Joe Blanton 7-8, 4.98 ERA @ Dodgers RHP Nathan Eovaldi 1-5, 4.21 ERA Monday, Late Night
2 RHP Doc Halladay 4-5, 3.98 ERA @ Dodgers RHP Jamey Wright 3-2, 3.68 ERA Tuesday, Late Night
3 LHP Cliff Lee 1-6, 3.92 ERA @ Dodgers LHP Clayton Kershaw 7-5, 2.84 ERA Wednesday, Late Day

Nathan Eovaldi:

He is their 6th arm and 2 of them are on the 15-day shelf. He has worked 7 innings in 1 of 8 attempts with 2 clunkers.

Over The Top Excellent
3-Quarters Sidearm Good
Sidearm Above Average
Short Arm Approximately Average
Submarine Below Average

Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.

HURLER Joe Blanton Nathan Eovaldi
NUMBER A Four A Five
FOR 2012 Short Arm Short Arm
'12 RANKING 4th of 5 Categories 4th of 5 Categories
LAST START Screwball Sinker*
LAST HIGH OR LOW 10th of 15 Categories 6th of 15 Categories

DISPLAY NOTE:  Non-listed results can go up or down by

* 1 notch & ** 2 clicks (This note will only appear when it’s relevant.)

* 1 Tick UP

1 Gyroball 9 (CG) 0 - 0 - 3 10 Screwball 6 4
2 Fastball 9 (CG) 0 - 0 11 Knuckleball 5 3
3 Cutter 9 (CG) 3 12 Forkball 0 - 4.2 Monstrosity
4 Split Finger 7 2 13 Eephus Pitch 0 - 2.2 Disaster
5 Curveball 7 3 14 *Palm Ball Ejected
6 Sinker 6.1 3 15 *Spit Ball **Ejected+
7 Slider 6 2 *Breaking Ball Injured
8 Changeup 6 3 *Fosh Rain Interrupted
9 Slurve 5 2 ** = Suspended * = A 2nd Pitch Also




Cole Hamels

COLE'S LINE: 8 INN, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 7 K & 111 DARTS
Total 16 - 15 3.58 6.2 30 of 44 0 0 5 301.2 281 124 120 63 2 283
Halladay 04 - 05 3.98 7.0 08 of 11 0 0 3 072.1 069 032 032 14 0 056
Lee 01 - 06 3.92 7.0 09 of 15 0 0 1 103.1 105 046 045 21 0 102
Hamels 11 - 04 3.07 6.2 13 of 18 0 0 1 126.0 107 046 043 28 2 125


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Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Omens or curses?


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