This price is not even as a new sponsor CBA cash sponsorship


 This price is not even as a new sponsor CBA cash sponsorship. Of course, this involved just pure sports brand sponsorship league part, other aspects such as television, <a href="">cheap toms shoes</a>  CBA in order to catch up with the pace of the NBA, there is still a long way to go. In China, such a high sponsorship costs are also beyond the reach of other sports leagues, such as the Super League. Admittedly, the Super influence in the domestic or exceed the CBA, but a sports brand sponsorship, they now also lagging behind. In 2009, they signed a piece of paper with the Nike contract decade, they may become strategic partners. According to initial estimates, Nike will invest a total of $ 200 million, an annual average of about 125 million yuan, less than half of the CBA.


 In addition, according to the report, in 2010, 361 ° and Table Tennis Super League contract, which were not only sponsored shirts, shoes, etc., but also includes the naming rights, similar to the all-inclusive nature. But even so, in the middle of the costs are only 6 million yuan only. In contrast, badminton league position is even less optimistic, they even without naming rights until 2011 without sponsor, until last year joined Dongfeng Citroen signed one-year sponsorship fee is only between 300-4000000 yuan. Moreover, this is not a sports brand. From the current situation, 


CBA is undoubtedly embarked on a path of vigorous development, <a href="">toms shoes mens</a>but at the same time along with the pressure, because of the NBA lockout, the league's players in China more than gold last year, but the situation in the next year or so a few years back are unlikely to occur. On the degree of concern, some inevitable decline. Former CBA head LiYuanWei called for the relevant person in charge of quality services should keep pace with the league, but also closer to the market development, otherwise it will be difficult. Also need to mention that in 2009 the first co Infront as CBA sponsors, they have been at a loss, which also indirectly reflects the CBA phenomenon in recent years. Today, Alliance has been developed, sponsorship has also been significantly improved,

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Sunday, 8 Mar 2015

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