Red Sox GM Says It's Hard To Watch Team Play Games

Red Sox GM Says It's Hard To Watch Team Play Games

Red Sox GM Says It's Hard To Watch Team Play Games

The truth hurts, as Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington admits that it's hard to watch the current Red Sox team play baseball games.

His confession came before Boston's 4-1 loss to the Seattle Mariners on Monday. With the loss, the Red Sox have loss a season worst seven games in a row -- all on the road -- while being outscored 58-16.

"When we made the trade we knew we were not helping our team the rest of the year," Cherington said. "That said, it's still hard to watch. There are things we need to accomplish the rest of the year," Cherington added.

On Monday, John W. Henry, Red Sox owner, made a trip out to Seattle, Cherington says that Henry's trip wasn't seen as him gearing himself up to fire anyone, mainly Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, as the trip was already planned back in August.

However, Cherington did take responsibility on how the team has been playing this season.

Cherington also said that the big trade with the Dodgers was not a message to the remaining Red Sox players that it's time to give up on the season.

"There are reasons for players on an individual level to do the best they can. I don't expect that we're not going to have the effort," Cherington said. "I don't think there's any conscious lack of effort," Cherington added.

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By The Baseball Page
Wednesday, 5 Sep 2012

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