Red Sox players - ML Wimps

Red Sox players - ML Wimps

Red Sox players - ML Wimps

Monday a Red Sox legend died, and yesterday the focus at Fenway Park was not about Johnny Pesky passing away but it was about a secret meeting back in July when Red Sox key players asked to meet with owner John Henry to "complain" about manager Bobby Valentine. The group was led by first baseman Adrian Gonzalez backed up by Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, Josh Beckett and others. Before last night's game at Baltimore, Valentine downplayed the July meeting between disgruntled players and management. Telling reporters, "They're still playing for me." The Orioles beat the Red Sox and pitcher Josh Beckett 7-1.

Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington confirmed the meeting took place. Its been well known since before the season began Red Sox players were not happy with Bobby Valentine replacing former manager Terry Francona. Right from opening day, controversial Bobby V has brought out the worse in his players, and Boston fans. The clubs locked in 4th place of their 5 team East division of the America league, twelve and a half games behind division leading New York. No one will be surprised if they soon take over last place from Toronto. The present day Red Sox team's "TOXIC." The club-house "contaminated." Fenway Park's in need of a "Toxic" waste hazard team moving in to remove the poison.

The tipping point for players asking for a meeting with ownership came on July 22nd when starting pitcher Jon Lester was left to absorb an 11-run beating by Toronto. It's not the first time Valentine ticked off his players. Valentine got rid of one disgruntled player, 3rd baseman Kevin Youkilis, a favorite among teammates and fans. Valentine questioned Youk's commitment to playing. Youkilis traded away to the Chicago White Sox. Funny thing about the trade. Youkilis struggled to stay in the line-up with Boston from opening day complaining of one injury after the next. But once traded, he suddenly healed, was ok to play every day with Chicago and began hitting. At the time of the trade the most vocal player knocking Valentine, Dustin Petroia, said,"I really don't know what Bobby is trying to do. That's not the way we go about our "stuff" around here. He'll figure that out...Maybe that works in Japan." Last night Pedroia was upset that he was named in the story revealing the July meeting with John Henry. He also said he never "ripped" Valentine. Adding, "we haven't played well - that's the bottom line. I'm not going to blame anything on Bobby."

Sounds like Pedroia's trying to back-track. "Wimping out" over his involvement in bad-mouthing Valentine. The Yahoo report indicated Gonzalez and Pedroia were among the most vocal in the meeting with Red Sox owners. Several players said they no longer wanted to play for Bobby Valentine. Those poor, poor boys, being "forced" to play for such a mean man. A man who hurts their feelings when he demands they "earn" their million dollar plus paychecks. "What a monster!"

Turn the clock back to 1947 and the Brooklyn Dodger stars of that generation led by slugger Dixie Walker demanded a meeting with Dodger owner Branch Rickey. The Dodgers had just signed Jackie Robinson. Walker and a half dozen of the team stars marched in to Rickey's office and said, "if you put that "nigger" on the field we'll strike, we wont play...the Dodger owner, smoking a large cigar looked at Walker, then his eyes turned to each of the others standing with Walker and asked..."do all of you feel this way?" When they answered "YES" 'Rickey calmly said, "ok- tell my secretary where you want to be traded or sold to - we'll accommodate you by morning. If no one wants you, then start thinking what your next job may be." The rest is history.

I don't know if Boston has a "Branch Rickey" mentality ownership. We'll find out soon.
Meanwhile we now know Boston has a large group of players "WHINING" their way thru this 2012 baseball season." When you thought your favorite team couldn't get any more disappointing, "it has." Red Sox players - "ML WIMPS" - they can't blame Bobby Valentine for that.........

Larry Upton
"Upton on Sports"-source:bostonglobe/yahoosports/usatoday/

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By Larry Upton
Thursday, 16 Aug 2012

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