Riverfront Stadium 1970 - 2002

Baseball Milestones

First stadium to have its entire field covered by AstroTurf, except for the cutouts around the bases and pitcher’s mound.

First World Series game ever played on artificial turf: October 10, 1970 (Reds vs. Baltimore Orioles).

First pitcher ever to pitch a No-hitter and hit two Home runs in the same game: Rick Wise, June 23, 1971.

Hank Aaron ties the all-time home run record with number 714: April 4, 1974.

First stadium to display Metric distances on the outfield walls (100.58 meters down the lines, 114.30 to the alleys, 123.13 to center): 

First rain checks issued: August 30, 1978.

Pete Rose breaks the all-time hit record with number 4,192: September 11, 1985.

First player ever to be caught stealing four times in one game: Robby Thompson, June 27, 1986.

Umpire John McSherry collapsed and died on April 1, 1996.


First and Figures

Status: Demolished in 2002

Address: next to Great American Ball Park

Capacity: 52,952 (opening day) 40,008 (final)

Cost to construct: $50 Million

Architect: Heery & Heery and Finch; Alexander, Barnes, Rothschild and Pashal

Former Naming: Cinergy Field


The Field

Playing Surface: Astroturf

Defining Feature: First field with full Astro Turf, Circular field on Banks of Ohio River

Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis

Left Field:  325 (330)

Left Center:  370 (375)

Center Field:   393 (404)

Right Center:  373 (375)

Right Field:  325 (330)


Hosted Events

World Series: 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1990

All Star Games: 1970, 1988




First Game 06/30/1970 Braves 8, Reds 2

  Umpires Paul Pryor, Dick Stello, Al Barlick, Ed Vargo

  Managers Sparky Anderson, Reds, Lum Harris, Braves

  Starting Pitchers Jim McGlothlin, Reds, Pat Jarvis, Braves

  Ceremonial Pitch Former NL President Warren Giles

  Attendance 51,050


  Batter Sonny Jackson (strikeout)

  Hit Felix Millan (single)

  Run Felix Millan

  RBI Hank Aaron

  Single Felix Millan

  Double Orlando Cepeda

  Triple Pete Rose (07/01/1970)

  Home Run Hank Aaron

  Grand Slam Tony Perez (08/11/1970)

  IPHR Roberto Clemente (05/19/1971)

  Stolen Base Bobby Tolan, Tony Perez (07/01/1970)

  Sacrifice Hit Pat Jarvis

  Sacrifice Fly Pete Rose (07/01/1970)

  Cycle Mike Easler (06/12/1980)


  Win Pat Jarvis

  Loss Jim McGlothlin

  Shutout Gary Nolan (07/03/1970)

  Save Jack DiLauro (07/03/1970)

  Hit by Pitch George Stone hit Bobby Tolan (07/02/1970)

  Wild Pitch Ron Reed (07/01/1970)

  Balk Ron Herbel (07/07/1970)

  No-Hitter Ken Holtzman (06/03/1971)

  Perfect Game Tom Browning (09/16/1988)



Last Game 09/22/2002 Phillies 4, Reds 3

  Umpires Jeff Nelson, Ron Kulpa Dale Scott, Jim Joyce

  Managers Bob Boone, Reds; Larry Bowa, Phillies

  Starting Pitchers Jose Rijo, Reds; Brandon Duckworth, Phillies

  Attendance 40,964


  Batter Todd Walker (ground out)

  Hit Jason Michaels (single)

  Run Aaron Boone

  RBI Aaron Boone

  Single Jason Michaels

  Double Gookie Dawkins

  Triple Aaron Boone (09/13/2002)

  Home Run Aaron Boone

  Grand Slam Jose Guillen (09/09/2002)

  IPHR Ken Griffey, Jr. (08/20/2001)

  Stolen Base Aaron Boone

  Sacrifice Hit Tomas Perez

  Sacrifice Fly Marlon Anderson

  Cycle Gary Redus (08/25/1989)


  Win Brandon Duckworth

  Loss Jose Rijo

  Shutout Carlos Zambrano, Pat Mahomes, Antonio Alfonseca (09/15/2002)

  Save Jose Mesa

  Hit by Pitch Bruce Chen hit Placido Polanco

  Wild Pitch Chris Reitsma

  Balk Takahito Nomura (05/08/2002)

  No-Hitter Tom Browning (09/16/1988) [perfect game]


  Putout Travis Lee



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