Rocket Refuel?

Roger Clemens signed a contract on Monday to play for the Sugar Land (Texas) Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League.  The 50 year-old pitcher last appeared in MLB for the New York Yankees during the 2007 season.

There are several images of Roger’s career that come to mind:

- New York Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman infamous gushing over the return of Clemens in the owners box.

- 7 Cy Young Awards

- (2) 20 strikeout games

- 300-win / 4000 strikeout game on June 13, 2003

- 1.89 ERA at during Age 43 season?  Something does not add up here.

Personally, this writer believes Roger Clemens is obsessed with the media focus and adulation that comes with the celebrity of being a professional athlete.  “The Rocket” wants to distance himself from the PED discussion and delay the unpleasant Hall of Fame voting for another five years by returning to MLB.

Sadly, with the current state of the Houston Astros starting rotation, an 11-time all-star pitching with his AARP card in his back pocket might be an upgrade over the five AAA pitchers holding roster spots.  Lucas HarrellBud NorrisJordan LylesDallas Keuchel, and Armando Galarraga are slightly better than the 119-loss 2003 Detroit Tigers rotation.

Frankly, I don’t believe Clemens should have the chance to appear in MLB and surpass Greg Maddux as the winningest pitcher alive.  Leave the circus act to the Independent Leagues.

By qualcomm98
Wednesday, 22 Aug 2012

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