Rockies must improve at the plate in 2012

Rockies must improve at the plate in 2012

Rockies must improve at the plate in 2012

Colorado has focused on pitching this offseason more than hitting and while that was a definite need the Rockies have to be better at the plate too in 2012 to contend for the playoffs and do something once they get there.

The Rockies struck out 1201 times, with only nine teams doing worse. In contrast, World Series' participant Texas and world champion St. Louis were the two best teams in the majors at avoiding strikeouts with the Cardinals going down 978 times and the Rangers whiffing 930.

Giving away that many at-bats shows a lack of discipline and understanding in how to play the game well. The Rockies also hit but .258 while the Cardinals hit .273.

Rockies' general manager Dan O'Dowd did bring in Michael Cuddyer, maybe more for leadership than his bat as well as Casey Blake, who should also be an improvement but the focus is on waiting for the hitting talent in the minors to quickly develop, upgrade the pitching depth and talent and build a better winning culture.

The Rockies will also need health from stars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, continued development from Dexter Fowler (130 strikeouts in 125 games) and for Marco Scutaro and Cuddyer to prove wise, productive additions.

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By Rockies Analyist
Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012

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