Rockies Pitcher White Could Face Extreme DUI

"Rockies pitcher Alex White may be charged with "extreme DUI," Scottsdale police said Monday.

A breath test administered after White was pulled over Saturday night measured his blood-alcohol content at 0.174 percent, according to the arrest report. If blood tests confirm the results of the roadside breath test, White will be charged with extreme DUI, a police spokesman said.

Under Arizona law, the term "extreme DUI" is being used for anything over 0.15. White told Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd that he had two drinks before his arrest."




By Truth and rumors
Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012

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  • Blissette said: That pitcher is really good. He has been making the news as of late. - David Slone 8:16PM 04/17/14
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