Rockies should not count on De La Rosa in 2012

Rockies should not count on De La Rosa in 2012

Rockies should not count on De La Rosa in 2012

Rockies' pitcher Jorge De La Rosa is recovering from Tommy John surgery and will be back in 2012. The team just shouldn't count on him being ready anytime soon or count on him being who he's been in the past.

De La Rosa (39-26 with Colorado) has been out since May 24th of last year and while he will return, the Rockies say, in July, the team should be very cautious about that even, letting the lefthander have more time to fully recuperate, and then expect little from him the rest of the year and be appreciative for what positive results he does produce.

Coming back from Tommy John, players are usually not their former best until the second season back.

If De La Rosa can give the Rockies 10-15 healthy starts and record an ERA under 4.75 then that's progress and an asset. That's not De La Rosa at his best but him at his best is not a reasonable expectation this season.

De La Rosa's return will be a plus and he's capable, even coming off injury of sterling performances, just maybe not yet consistently.

The team has done well to bring in volume of arms and that will help it bear the burden of De La Rosa's slow return to form.

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By Rockies Analyist
Thursday, 1 Mar 2012

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