Senator Bob Casey Rips Nationals' Plan To Keep Out Phillies Fans

"The Nationals' "Take Back Our Park" initiative took an unexpected political turn today as Sen. Bob Casey (D-Penn.), via Twitter, stood against the Nationals' plan to limit ticket sales to only Maryland, Virginia and D.C. residents for the team's series in May against the Phillies.

"I'm calling on the Nationals to reverse course on a reported plan to block Phillies fans from buying tickets to games at Nationals Park," Casey wrote in consecutive tweets Thursday afternoon. "Phillies have some of the best fans in the world. They shouldn't be left out in the cold because the Nats want a stronger home field adv.""

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By Truth and rumors
Friday, 10 Feb 2012

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  • Essential said: The phillies are out there fighting for a spot. I guess that would be the thing that will make them feel special. - Roger Stanton 7:15PM 04/06/14
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