Should the Yankees trade Swisher?

Should the Yankees trade Swisher?

Should the Yankees trade Swisher?

Buster Olney of ESPN tweets that teams are interested in Nick Swisher.  Olney also reports that the Yankees says that they are absolutely not marketing him, but will listen to deals for anyone.

John Harper of the New York Daily News reports that the Yankees and Braves have discussed Jair Jurrjens. - Young shortstop Eduardo Nunez and Nick Swisher are names that have been rumored.

Jurrjens has had knee injuries the last couple of years, but his talent could be what the Yankees need to bolster their pitching staff. If healthy, Jurrjens could fit into the #2 spot in the rotation.  But wouldn't trading Swisher just create another hole?  I'm all in favor of adding pitching whenever possible, but the free agent class is deeper at pitcher than at right field this year, considering that the Yankees are looking to fill the end of their rotation.  And Nunez is most likely the shortstop of the future, depending on how many years Jeter has left.

The only free agent right fielders that could come close to Swisher's production would be Beltran, Cuddyer, and offensively Kubel but the defense might be iffy.  The wild card in all of this is Yoenis Cespedes.  If the Yankees trade Swisher and sign Cespedes, they could fill most of their offseason needs while also adding youth to their pitching staff and outfield. However, they shouldn't go trading Swisher without a plan in right field.

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Monday, 21 Nov 2011

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  • Essential said: I guess if they see that he can no longer be an asset, then trade him. There are many players out there fit for the system. - James Cullem 11:21AM 03/09/14
  • neyank said: Swish has worked out great for the Yanks no need to trade him. Trade one of the young catchers and I think the #2 spot belongs to Ivan Nova who did a terrific job for the Bombers last season. 9:56PM 11/21/11
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