Steelers’ fans should welcome Pirates’ success

Steelers’ fans should welcome Pirates’ success

Steelers’ fans should welcome Pirates’ success

I don’t need to tell any of you that what is happening. A couple of Ben Roethlisberger deep balls from Heinz Field is nothing short of amazing in it’s own right, however the long-awaited ‘season above. 500? is finally happening at PNC Park and Pirates’ fans deserve it.

Sadly, I’ve seen some comments recently where Steelers’ fans have made less than proper statements wishing for an end to the baseball nonsense now that the Steelers have started camp. Here’s my feeling on this; why can’t you have both? I get that some of you are too young to recall 1979 or even the early ’90?s for that matter, but come on! Enjoy what is happening with these Buccos.

Hard to imagine that there could possibly be Steelers fans who aren’t Pirates’ fans and vice-versa but there are. Its OK to be enthralled with both at the same time too though. It really is people….

What the Pirates are doing is good for them and good for their fans. Its also good for the Steelers and most importantly, it’s good for the local economy. Already blessed with the most beautiful park in Major League Baseball, success is now filling more seats, buying more jerseys and buying more beer and hot dogs.

How is the Pirates’ success good for the Steelers? The answer has a couple of components. First, the Pirates appear ready to take this thing deep into September. This could keep attention off the Steelers as they open with a brutal schedule and new offensive coordinator. No, a poor start won’t be covered up by the Pirates but the deluge of negative stories and comments could be limited. Secondly, winning and success are contagious. Not that the Steelers need to be ‘pushed’ towards success but when the energy is higher with fans and media it becomes higher with you. It almost raises your intensity level on its’ own.

As I wrap up this piece this morning I know Pirates’ fans are already lamenting the moves or lack thereof by the front office yesterday. It’s becoming a rite of passage as much as the years of sub .500 baseball, but you shouldn’t look at it that way. We take the Steelers day-to-day and often one game at a time. With the Bucs in position for a playoff spot I suggest you do the same. One game at a time. And Steelers’ fans? Whether you are a Pirates’ fan or not, let the people enjoy this. It’s good for everyone and good for Pittsburgh.

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By The Baseball Page
Thursday, 2 Aug 2012


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