Our nation, the world is going to hell in a hand basket and our Federal prosecutors are wasting millions of dollars, time, energy and court resources to "hang" a baseball pitcher because they claim he committed "perjury" and made false statements in testimony to a House Committee in 2008. Clemens denied using steroids, or HGH, to Congressional investigators during a nationally television hearing. What theater. What hypocrisy. Our U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder has been brought before several House Committee's to answer questions about a program called, "Fast & Furious," government selling thousands of guns to Mexican drug lords that resulted in the killing of at least one, and possibly two of our Border Patrol Guards. Holder first "denied" knowing "anything" about the gun-running program but has since back peddled when e mails proved he did know about the program. "DID HE LIE?" Since that revelation, members of the House Committee has sought from the Attorney General all documents relating to Fast & Furious. So far Holder has "refused" to hand over documents. Members of Congress are now "talking" about "Contempt of Court" Charges being brought against our nations Attorney General. "Talking" about bringing charges? What madness! What hypocrisy! The Fed's couldn't act fast enough to bring charges against Clemens, a baseball player, and they drag their feet bringing charges against the man holding the number one criminal position in our nation, who has "MISLED" and possibly "LIED" on national television, in front of the House Committee members, attempting to get to the bottom of a scandal that cost American lives. There's something wrong with this picture and why the American people are not up in arms over this hypocrisy is more than I can comprehend. Holder's in office because he's a pal of President Obama. Could that be the reason we're wasting time and tax money attempting to convict a baseball player, and we're totally ignoring a far bigger fish in our corrupt Washington fish tank? There's something wrong with this picture!

Yesterday Federal prosecutors took a hit when their key witness against Clemens, former teammate Andy Pettitte, on the witness stand did some back-tracking of his own when he testified that he may have "MIS-HEARD" his former teammate and friend tell him that he'd used performance-enhancing drugs. Until yesterday, Pettitte generally had not wavered from his assertion that Clemens confided in him about the use of HGH. Pettittes pullback was a big boost to the defense team.. Prosecutors are laying the ground work now for the testimony of former Clemens strength coach Brian McNamee who is expected to testify that he injected Clemens with steroids and HGH on several occasions. 

I say "WHO CARES?" What if athletes took drugs to improve their ability to play pro sports? What if sluggers knocked more balls over the fences of our major league parks more frequently? They didn't kill anyone in the process. Selling guns to known drug dealers did. Who cares if HGH helped Roger Clemens maintain his pitching strength and helped him heal faster? He didn't kill anyone in the process. The government program Fast and Furious did kill, and killed Americans. 

This pursuit of hanging athletes like Clemens and Barry Bonds an "over-kill" of idiotic proportion. It's 2012 and this,(for lack of a better description) "search for the truth" which began in 2008 is still taking up valuable time, wasting valuable tax payers dollars, to prove a baseball player "lied" to Congress. If the Justice Department pursued with the same "zeal" they have gone after athletes, many Washington political leaders dragged before various House Committees, would be in jail cells in our Federal prisons. Hell, we would need to build a prison just for people who told lies to Congress. Leading the pack of witnesses before Congress who misled or outright "lied" to Congress during hearings, ERIC HOLDER, U.S.ATTORNEY GENERAL" It's time we stopped this national disgrace, national hypocrisy, and put our priority's back in order. If our athletes did use drugs they hurt themselves. Hurt their bodies. They never physically hurt anyone else. Putting weapons into the hands of known Mexican sleeze-ball drug cartel lords have. Who's committed the bigger crime? An ex-big league baseball pitcher capable of throwing a 95 plus mile an hour fast ball, or, the man who occupies the number one law enforcement position in our Nation, misleading and stone-walling House Committee members "searching for the truth?" Yet, who's the man on trial today in a Federal Courtroom? 
What's wrong with this picture? Isn't it time we stop this "MADNESS?"

Clemens on This Day in Baseball

By Larry Upton
Saturday, 5 May 2012

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