Techniques for Efficient B2B Telemarketing

Improve Your B2B Telemarketing Results

When it comes to marketing, consumer-based marketing, and B2B telemarketing, are very different. Moving past the gatekeeper is the first obstacle you will have to encounter. As the word implies, this is the person who is charged with screening all calls for the person you want to speak with. In most cases, you want to talk with the decision-maker at each business. Whatever outcome you experience, this will be based upon the message that you present.

You need to be sure that you are getting through to the right person and that is where the gatekeeper can help you. If ever you're uncertain, enlist the gatekeeper's assistance in a friendly manner. Asking a question regarding the person you want to reach could be the best way to achieve this. Make it clear who you are and then ask if you have the right person in mind to speak to. And pay close attention to the response so you will have some idea about where they're coming from. If you determine that you do have the right person in the organization, then proceed in a direct yet polite manner. It's always a good idea to find a way to get the gatekeeper to help you out. If you have called several times and have not been able to get past the gatekeeper, then simply ask if you may leave a voicemail. This is what you should do if you are unable to do anything else. This is not what you wanted to do, but you must make this decision so that at least something happens. Explain to them that you would appreciate leaving a message instead of calling repeatedly in order to save them time. If you are allowed to leave a voicemail, then you should need brief and direct in regard to what you say. You simply need to identify yourself, and leave a message with your number. Leaving a message could also consist of telling them you will call them back at a certain time.

Be willing to look at things from all angles when dealing with B2B and understand that it is not all about you. I know of one telemarketer who got away from using the same ole tired script. She knew that the old script was not working and she made the decision to change it. As a result, she experienced a huge spike in sales and she became the number one telemarketer in her company. Obviously, this brought a lot of attention to her from her employer. When others asked why she was so success, she informed them about modifying the script. Her employer demanded that she return to the original script and she did. The poorly converting script reverted to lackluster sales figures which were in keeping with all the other telemarketers. One thing to remember about all marketing efforts, and this includes B2B telemarketing, is the need for repeated contacts. With email and other written forms, it's recommended to make at least six or seven contacts or exposures. This can be said for telemarketing, so become very familiar with what is happening.

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