that there a lot more to make out of Air Jordans and through

Spizikes Jordan Shoes For
Find Different Air Jordan Elements in One Shoe

Nike gained greater popularity when the series of Air Jordan shoes were
launched but apart from the idea of Michael Jordan as its endorser, the men and
women Jordans have showcased excellent design and craftsmanship to become the
footwear worth investing on.

However, it turned out that there a lot more to make out of Air Jordans and
through spike Lee ingenuity the Air Jordan Hybrid or the pizike?was created. The
Spizike was supposed to drop in 2 colorways only but because of its heightened
popularity, another 5 colorways was dropped for the Jordan brand.

, being considered as Jordan Hybrid is made up of various Jordan retros.
Spizikes highlight the different elements of Air Jordan shoes to come up with a
6 in 1 hybrid. To give you a better view of the popular Jordan shoe, here is the
breakdown of different Spizikes elements:

1. The Spizikes made use of Air Jordan 3 elephant print, outsole, and

2. It copied the ings?logo from Air Jordan 4. Cheap Retro Jordans

3. The Spizikes primary silhouette is its version of Air Jordan 5.

4. It made use of the tongue and lace locking which Jordan Retro
was originally used for Air Jordan 6.

5. The idea of using a back tab was a remake of Jordan 9.

6. The laser print graphics on its inner lining was inspired by Jordan 20.

For sure with new and better ideas from its designer, there will be lots of
reasons to look forward to the future releases of Jordan Spizikes. It is always
nice to see something fashionable and fresh while sticking with the idea of
quality work especially if it is the combination of the best of what can be
possibly achieved from the popular shoe manufacturing giant. gaffwefda 

By garefedar
Thursday, 7 Mar 2013

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