Top 10 offseason needs

Top 10 offseason needs

Top 10 offseason needs


Buster Olney of ESPN (Insider) posts what he believes are the 10 biggest offseason needs.

He lists first base for the Cardinals, a manager for the Red Sox, a big bat for the Brewers, a catcher for the Angels, a solid right handed hitter for the Braves at shortstop or corner outfield, a Phillies shortstop, a Giants outfielder, a Tampa Bay first baseman and DH, a Red Sox closer, a Toronto closer.

Here's my take.

When it comes to St. Louis, the Cardinals are going to have a big drop off no matter what unless they sign Pujols or Fielder.  Berkman can move to first, and Allen Craig can play right field, but if Berkman moves to first,  the Cardinals might want a more dangerous bat in right.

The Red Sox should address their manager soon.  It seems like it will be Bobby Valentine. Gene Lamont is the other option.

I would suggest that the Brewers biggest need is a shortstop.  Their are many shortstops that are big upgrades over Yuniesky Betancourt in free agency, any of those would upgrades the lineup.  The Brewers do have Mat Gamel to play first, but his bat might not have developed.  The Brewers could sign a shortstop, a first baseman and have money left over for the money that Prince is looking for.

The Angels catcher search might revolve around Ramon Hernandez, this all stems from trading away Mike Napoli.

The Braves search for a corner outfielder is strange, it makes me wonder why they are shopping Martin Prado?

It seems to me like more teams are searching for shortstop than there are shortstops available.  Maybe Jason Bartlett or Jed Lowrie will get dealt.

I'm sure that the Giants top outfield target is Carlos Beltran. If they can afford him, he'd be one of the top bats in their lineup.

Tampa wants big bats, without playing for them.  Look for veterans that don't get a lot of interest, like they did with Kotchman last year. A Carlos Pena reunion might be an option, but I expect him to make more than they offer.

And the closer market is deep.  The Red Sox and Blue Jays have plenty of options, it just comes down to them finding the right fit to compete in the tough division.

What do you think are some of the biggest needs?  Who will fill them?


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Monday, 28 Nov 2011

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