Trading Kevin Youkilis

Trading Kevin Youkilis

Trading Kevin Youkilis

Last week I wrote about trading Kevin Youklis and now the media is following my lead. Obviously that’s why… The Red Sox could get Youkils back on Monday and they wouldn’t have anywhere to play Middlebrooks. Would dealing Youk make the most sense?

The last few day Gordon Edes touched on some ideas and Jason A. Churchill (insider) throws out some others.

First he mentions the Tigers. I would love if they could turn Youk into Jacob Turner. I doubt that would happen, but what if that’s the difference between the Tigers making the World Series? I would even consider a package of players (they’d have to be pretty good) including Max Scherzer, who hasn’t been good in years. I wouldn’t feel terrible about a package including Delmon Young or Brandon Boesch (Maybe I would feel terrible after all). The idea for Detroit is that Youk can go to third and Fielder and Cabrera can play 1b and DH. Imagine that lineup. Someone who can actually get on base in front of those big bats.

Next mentioned is either LA team. First of all, let’s talk about the Dodgers. I’d trade him straight up for Ethier, no doubt, he’s an impending free agent, but I couldn’t see the Dodgers trading him. But Pedroia and him are BFFs, so he’d love it. I could see the Sox asking for their former prospect, Tim Federowicz, (who they traded to the Dodgers last year) included with other players. Overall, they don’t have a lot to offer in terms of what the Sox would want. I’d love to see them get Jansen but that won’t happen.

Now the Angels, they have so many unathletic corner infielders, I’m not sure why they’d want another. Maybe they could get Peter Bourjos and a prospect. When they’re healthy, they don’t need another speedy outfielder, but right now they do. The Angels outfield is pretty full. I’d say that they could trade shitty Vernon Wells, but they’d have to pick up his contract. They have a bunch of infield prospects (Segura, Lindsey, Cowart), but the Red Sox infield is set for the future, unless injuries happen. I don’t see this team being a good match either unless they sent Boston an outfielder.

Next they list the Cubs. I’m not sure why the Cubs would want to add age to their team, Theo probably loves Youk. The article mentions a package around Garza, hell, I’d do for Garza straight up. I could talk about Cubs prospects but there is no way that Youk is getting traded to the Cubs. The White Sox would be more likely but they can’t take the Rios contract in a deal. Can they get Addison Reed or Nestor Molina or Trayce Thompson, than maybe we can talk, but I doubt you can get them.

Lastly they talk about the Phillies. If they can get a package around Domonic Brown, then let’s get it done. Brown and May? Done! The Phillies have a lot of pitching prospects that can get the deal done. That would make a pretty good lineup, and if Howard and Utley come back decently, that’d be one of the top lineups in the NL, and with that pitching staff, who knows how far they could go?

What about the Pirates? He could be their first baseman and the Pirates could send one of their many OFs to Boston. The pirates could move Hanrahan and a prospect (or Presley and a better prospect) to Boston for Youk, who could play first and Jones could move to left. The Pirates have some great prospects and could get the deal done if they really wanted to but would that make a difference?

As I’m writing this the Twins have sent down Danny Valencia. I couldn’t even fathom why they’d trade for Youkilis, but let’s just figure out a way to get Denard Span anyway.

With all of that said, a lot of teams could use Youkilis, but how many deals it make sense for both sides? A lot of the teams that were mentioned about don’t make complete sense to me, or aren’t compatible trade partners. The one that makes the most sense is the Phillies. Let’s trade Youkilis for Dominic Brown and middle tier pitching prospect. Get it done. The Red Sox are desperate for an outfielder, and Brown could possibly be the right fielder for the next ten years.

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By Mike Lavery
Thursday, 10 May 2012

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