Want Angel Villalona to live with you? Become a host family for the San Jose Giants!

One of my all-time favorite baseball movies is 2008?s “Sugar,” a film about a 19-year-old Dominican baseball star who is recruited to play ball in the U.S.

In the movie, fictional ball player Miguel “Sugar” Santos signs with the Kansas City Knights and is assigned to their Single-A team in Iowa, where he lives with a host family on a farm. Bigotry, drug use, cultural alienation, mixed signals, sexual situations, and other tomfoolery ensues. (Did I mention the Higgins have a cute, 15-year-old daughter?)

If you haven’t seen the flick, you must rent it. It’s most excellent.

If you have seen it, perhaps you want to live out the Higgins family experience yourself and make your home available to a fledgling Giants star.

Well today’s your lucky day, friend. The San Jose Giants (Single-A) are asking for volunteers to become “host families” for the 2012 season.

Basically, you fill out an application, list any house rules you want relayed to the player (e.g., “No late night visits to my teenage daughter’s bedroom please”), your expectations about phone use, house guests, and that sort of thing, and then wait for a call back from the San Jose Giants’ Patron Saint and Director of Player Personnel, Linda Pereira. (Click here for more info.)

In past years, guys like Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Brandon Crawford, Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt and Ryan Vogelsong have shacked up with host families while playing for Class-A San Jose.

This year it could be Joe Panik, Carter Jurica, Andrew Susac, Josh Osich, Ricky Oropesa, Chris Marlowe, Seth Rosin, Austin Fleet, or Stephen Harrold needing a place to stay.

By golly, you could probably even host Angel Villalona (if he ever gets that visa problem worked out)…

…Shoot, if we lived closer to San Jose, I’d totally do it. Just keep those hands where I can see ‘em, Angel.

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Thursday, 8 Mar 2012

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