What we did was right, but it was wrong?

What we did was right, but it was wrong?

What we did was right, but it was wrong?

The Miami Marlins have been a huge disappointment in two major areas during this baseball season. They spent almost $200 million dollars on new talent off-season, and today they sit in 5th place of their Division, sixteen and a half games behind league leading Washington. Plus, attendance at their new tax-payer funded stadium has fallen far short of expectations. Now team President David Samson is telling reporters "every mistake - and there were plenty - will be examined when team executives convene with owner Jeffrey Loria following the season in October." Samson added, Loria was "angry" - claiming the team's biggest mistake, "overestimating the team's talent level and believing it to be a playoff contender."

If your a Marlin fan you were hard pressed to see a familiar face when the Marlins took the field this weekend against the Nationals. Only two position players from the team's opening night lineup - shortstop Jose Reyes and catcher John Buck - were on the field for the Marlins during the weekend series in Washington.

Samson gave a number of reasons why this year's team has not performed. He said, "I think the most responsibility falls on me " before pointing the finger at the head of their baseball operation Larry Beinest and GM Michael Hill. Asked if owner Jeffrey Loria should also be blamed, Samson declined comment.. Best he shouldn't comment about his "boss." Samson's in that position as team President because Loria married Samson's Mom. Do you really believe Loria could fire his wimpy step-son and still have a happy wife?

Samson said, he hopes the fan base will look at the season as a "fluke." That's sort of the message to the fans, "that this year has to be an anomaly, because it can't be more than one year in a row, everything can go wrong." Has Samson wiped from his memory the 1998 - 1999 seasons when they finished 5th...or 2007 - 2011 and now 2012 when they'll finish 5th or 6th in a six team division? Has Samson wiped from his memory Marlin attendance for the last 12 years? Since 2001 the franchise has been consistent. Of 30 MLB teams the Marlins have ranked 28th - 29th - and 30th in attendance. They were 28th three times - 29th four times - and 30th three times. Has a new stadium improved attendance? As of today Miami ranks 18th in attendance but that's not expected to hold up since in the past weeks they jettisoned most of their major players.

For the Miami Marlins, 2013 can't come soon enough. Will the Marlin front office blame manager Ozzie Guillen? His colorful personality has shaped him as a person but it's unlikely Loria would keep him around for his personality if he doesn't win games. It'll be interesting to see how the "blame" game shakes out this off-season. Samson closed out his reporter chat with, I have no regrets about this season - I wouldn't change one thing - "WHAT WE DID WAS EXACTLY RIGHT, BUT IT WAS WRONG."
That's exactly what David Samson said, "you can't make this stuff up!.".........

Larry Upton
"Upton on Sports"-source: miamiherald/bleacherreport/wikipedia/

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By Larry Upton
Wednesday, 8 Aug 2012

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