Whats going on with Fielder?

Whats going on with Fielder?

Whats going on with Fielder?

On Friday Fox sports reported:

"Based on what we know — and admittedly, we know only so much — the Cubs are the front-runners to sign Prince Fielder. No one should schedule a news conference at Wrigley Field. These negotiations might only be in their early stages. But if this is Cubs vs. Mariners — and that's certainly the way it looks at the moment — the Cubs make far more sense. Neither the Rangers nor Marlins will bid on Fielder, according to major league sources. The Orioles, as my colleague Jon Paul Morosi wrote earlier this week, are the eastern version of the Mariners, a non-contender that would be viable only if Fielder lacked better options. The Cubs aren't exactly contenders themselves, but few in the industry"

Today both Chicago Papers reported:

Dale Sveum: Prince Fielder talk is just that

"Whether the Cubs are the front-runners to sign Prince Fielder or just interested observers remains the most hotly debated question of Theo Epstein's first offseason in Chicago. Efforts to reach Epstein for comment Friday were unsuccessful, but Cubs manager Dale Sveum downplayed the latest Fielder rumors. "It's a lot of media talk more than us doing anything," Sveum said. "We haven't had any talks with Prince, and I haven't had any conversations with him. (It's) more other people bringing this to the table." The Cubs are the only big-market team reportedly in the mix, and haven't ruled themselves out of the picture. Everything Epstein has said publicly thus far, however, runs counter to the"

According to MLB Truth and Rumors:

In the words of one executive, agent Scott Boras can usually “pull a rabbit out of his hat” for his top free agent clients, so other teams are very much in the mix for the 27-year-old free agent.

The Rangers and Marlins won’t bid on Fielder, according to Rosenthal’s sources. The Orioles may only be a viable suitor for Fielder if he lacks other options.

By Truth and rumors
Saturday, 17 Dec 2011

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