The winning bid on Yu Darvish was "sky high", will it be announced today?

The winning bid on Yu Darvish was "sky high", will it be announced today?

The winning bid on Yu Darvish was "sky high", will it be announced today?

Nippon Ham has until Tuesday to accept a bid. We've heard they would accept any bid, and we hear the winning bid is sky high, so expect them to accept.  The real mystery is, who won it?

This is what we hear.

Patrick Newman tweets "Nippon Ham has until 5:00pm EST on Dec 20 to accept or reject the high bid for Darvish…" @npbtracker

Jack Curry tweets "MLB said at least 1 club bid 4 Darvish. Bid amount, but not identity of team was sent 2 Japanese Commish. Nippon must accept/reject by Tues" @JackCurryYES

Adam Kilgore tweets "An MLB official said they expect to announce the Darvish winner tonight, or perhaps Thursday morning. It's up to the Nippon Ham Fighters." @AdamKilgoreWP

Jeff Passan tweets "Fighters planned to accept Darvish posting bid no matter its size. @DKnobler reporting it's big. Just how big is the question. Daisuke big?" @JeffPassan

Danny Knobler tweets " Still don't know what the number of winning bid for Darvish was, but sources say the Fighters were very excited by how high it was" @DKnobler

Jon Heyman tweets "rumor is, at least 1 darvish bid was "sky" high. may have been "north'' of $50M. again, unconfirmed." @JonHeymanCBS

John Shea tweets "#SFGiants did not put in a bid for Yu Darvish." @JohnSheaHey

Susan Slusser tweets "I am told the #Athletics did not bid on Yu Darvish. He'll still help them - teams that lose bid are expected to go hard after Gio Gonzalez." @susanslusser

clarkspencer tweets "As expected, the #marlins did not bid on Yu Darvish." @clarkspencer

mets.lohudblogs reports that the Mets didn't bid on Darvish

Jon Heyman tweets "word is, #yankees entered only a modest bid for darvish. not likely to get. indications are winning bid is sky-high" @JonHeymanCBS

Buster Olney tweets "Sources: the Yankees did post an offer on Yu Darvish." @Buster_ESPN

Jon Heyman tweets "word is, #yankees entered only a modest bid for darvish. not likely to get. indications are winning bid is sky-high" @JonHeymanCBS

Marc Topkin tweets "#Rays, as expected, did not bid on Darvish, whose parents supposedly met in St. Pete." @SPTimesRays

Alden Gonzalez tweets "Shocking development: The #Angels did not make a bid for Yu Darvish. #NotShocking" @Alden_Gonzalez


Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Cubs made an offer.


Buster Olney tweets "Talked to three execs involved in bidding asked them to guess -- speculate -- on winning Darvish. All three named same 2 teams: Jays, Texas." @Buster_ESPN

Joe Christensen tweets "The #Twins did not make a bid on Yu Darvish because they expected the price to be sky high." @JoeCStrib

Nick Cafardo tweets "Red Sox did not submit a posting on Yu Darvish." @nickcafardo


Jim Bowden tweets "Rangers, Blue Jays, Yankees & Cubs all submit bids for Yu Darvish...MLB expected to announce winning bid on Thursday Morning" @JimBowdenESPNxm


Roch Kubatko tweets "#orioles are not bidding on Darvish" @masnRoch

From what we hear, the only teams to admit posting are the CubsYankees, Rangers, and Blue Jays.  Most of the sources favor the Blue Jays and Rangers. The Yankees reports that their bid was "modest" but modest for the Yankees could be "sky high" to others, so who knows? I'd be very surprised if Bobby Valentine didn't convince the Red Sox to make a bid. And I could see the Cubs trying to make headlines.

If I was to completely guess, I'd say the Blue Jays are the favorite. My reasoning is that the Rangers didn't want to spend money on C.J. Wilson, so why would they on Darvish? Even before we knew the deal Wilson got, we didn't hear a lot of interest from the Rangers camp as Wilson's deal drew closer.


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Thursday, 15 Dec 2011

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