Wolverine Costume Suggestions You Can Use at Any Age

Choosing The Wolverine Costume That Suits You The Best

There are bunches of choices available when you want to wear a Wolverine costume because this character has been around for a really long time. You can look at the older X-Men comic books or watch the movies that have come out over the last few years that have Wolverine and choose the costume you like the best. Since another Wolverine movie is scheduled to be released in 2012, this character seems destined to get even more widely known.

Wolverine's hair is dark and messy and makes him look kind of like an animal and it is one of his most distinctive features. Unless your own hair already seems this way, it is really hard to style it to be this way. This specific problem is solved by the official Wolverine costume; it's mask covers your entire head. Still, if you want your hair to naturally look like Wolverine's, you might be better served by buying a wig. Yes, you really can find wigs that are constructed to look like Wolverine and this adds some authenticity to your costume. Any Wolverine wig worth its asking price will have the long sideburns that are typically drawn on the character in the comic books and that Hugh Jackman wears in the movies. Not everybody wants to wear a mask and buying a high quality Wolverine wig offers you a reasonable alternative.

It's important to know that the Wolverine look has evolved with time.

But that is good because it gives you more to work with. Most of the time you will find pre-X-Men styles of the costume in stores, so that is good to know depending on what you want. So, you may have to shop around if you want the movie look in your costume. Another aspect of the older styles is the colors are different which is interesting. You can perform your own research and see what is accurate and then choose.

You can look more unique by applying make-up and create the Wolverine look. There are Wolverine makeup kits sold in costume shops and online, or you can improvise, especially if you or someone you know is skilled at applying makeup.

You know the Wolverine hair style, so in that case find a good and cheap wig. If you want to look authentic, then probably a wig that you can style is best. You can use makeup to paint on Wolverine's distinctive sideburns, though grown men could try to grow their own sideburns if they prepare far enough ahead!

As you have just read, there are many options for creating your own Wolverine costume. Maybe the best place to look for ideas is on the net, and you'll find sites for this. The Wolverine has been around for many years, so you can use the one again at some point later on.

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Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013

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