World Series (and other) Predictions.

World Series (and other) Predictions.

World Series (and other) Predictions.

 The World Series is here and I'm taking this opportunity to make some bold predictions.  Not all of these will be right, but most of them will. I'm not saying that you should agree, I'm just saying that when you watch the games, you should think about this list and if nothing else turn it into a drinking game.


  • Al GoreThe Texas Rangers will win the World Series.
  • In Dallas, the Cowboys will get higher ratings on Sunday than the Rangers.
  • Chris Carpenter will win game 1.
  • Chris Carpenter will lose game 4.
  • In fact, tonight’s game will be the only game the Cardinals will win.
  • At least one game will get affected by weather.
  • Al Gore won’t seem to notice.
  • Nelson Cruz will win World Series MVP.
  • Albert Pujols will put up disappointing numbers.
  • Albert Pujols will not play his last game in St. Louis.
  • Nora How I Met Your MotherTed Mosby has already met the Mother.
  • It’s not Nora, but I wanted to mention her in this article.
  • No St. Louis starting pitcher will make it through the 7th inning.
  • Jason Motte will not get a save.
  • Jason Motte won’t even pitch in a save situation.
  • At least two Red Sox players will be watching the World Series while drinking beers.
  • At least one will be eating fried chicken.
  • Josh Hamilton will not drink alcohol in celebration.
  • Ron WashingtonRon Washington will get in trouble for doing something he’s not supposed to.
  • I won’t say that it will involve drugs. I won’t say that it will involve drugs. I won’t say that it will involve drugs. I won’t say that it will involve drugs.
  • Two out of three National Anthem singers in Texas will be country singers.
  • One will be a veteran.
  • The only good football game this week will be Atlanta @ Detriot.
  • The Cubs and Red Sox will come to an agreement before the NBA and NBAPA.
  • Not one NBA player will be seen at the World Series.
  • Mark Sanchez will throw two interceptions against the Chargers.
  • He will also fumble.
  • The over/under of shots of one of the Bush presidents is two.  Take the over.
  • At least one of those shots will include Nolan Ryan.
  • Austin Rivers will get his first minute in the NBA before Doc Rivers gets his next win.
  • C.J. Wilson will give up more home runs this week than Tim Tebow will throw interceptions.
  • After I see “Moneyball”, “BasEketball” will still be my favorite sports movie.
  • Moneyball will still be a better book.
  • As you read this, someone somewhere is posting a picture of their cat on the internet.
  • Josh HamiltonAt least one story about Josh Hamilton’s troubled past will air.
  • ESPN will take more about handshakes than Game 1 of the World Series tomorrow.
  • Elvis Andrus will not hit a home run, but someone will still find a way to say “Elvis has left the building!”.
  • Mike Napoli will play at 1st base, DH, and catcher in this series.
  • Michael Young will play 1st, 3rd, and DH. Little known fact: Mikes excel in versatility.
  • Ian Kinsler will get a combo meal(tm ESPN fantasy focus) . That’s a home run and stolen base in one game.
  • Koji Uehara will win best facial hair of the World Series. (even though he didn't make the roster)
  • Chad Ochocinco will catch a touchdown in the next game he plays (a week after the bye).
  • C.J. Wilson’s 5.40 career playoff ERA will go down after this series.
  • David Freese’s hot streak will come to an end.
  • No one besides me will call him “Mr. Freese” as a badass Batman villain nickname.
  • Amber HeardAmber Heard and Charlie Day will have HUGE years.
  • Amber Heard will be seen wearing a Rangers hat somewhere.
  • Matt Holliday will put up better numbers than Lance Berkman.
  • One day we will find out that Jon Henry Jay is a serial killer or assassin.
  • Never trust anyone with three first names.
  • Rafael Furcal will be one of the goats of the World Series.
  • In three years, no one will remember this World Series.
  • Next season, Terry Francona will be in a play-by-play booth, and he will kill it.
  • Kill it in a good way, not a Jon Jay way.
  • At least one person will turn this into a drinking game and will regret it.
  • That person probably wrote this article.

By Mike Lavery
Wednesday, 19 Oct 2011


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  • annecurtis said: These are good predictions. You have good points here, and these can possibly happen. - Kris Krohn 4:37AM 03/19/14
  • Anonymous said: If only one prediction on this list is correct, let's hope it's the Amber Heard one. 2:47PM 10/20/11
  • Mike Lavery said: I really think that the Rangers lineup is just too tough. 1-9 there is no let up. (well except for 9 when @ Busch) 9:53PM 10/19/11
  • Anonymous said: Everyone seems to be jumping on the Rangers to win in 5. One thing the Rangers don't have is Tony La Russa, who always seems to turn it around. While I think the Fall Classic will stretch to 6 possibly 7 games, I like the Cards to take it. And I echo your thoughts about a drinking game.... 7:37PM 10/19/11
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