Would trading Hanley improve the Marlins?

Would trading Hanley improve the Marlins?

Would trading Hanley improve the Marlins?

Ken Rosenthal writes that trading Hanley Ramirez might do the Marlins well. Rosenthal don't envision Ramirez being a starting day third baseman. He goes on to write "Let’s drop the pretense: Trading Ramirez is the Marlins’ logical next move, one that could make the team even stronger". The Red Sox, Giants, Tigers, Angels, Nationals, and Mariners are all teams that Rosenthal mentions as good fits. It's mentioned that the Tigers would be willing to move top prospect Jacob Turner in a deal, and the Red Sox could move Youkilis. This would create a whole at third base. When it comes to the Mariners, Rosenthal hears from a rival executive, the M’s are “starving for offense and can’t get a free agent to sign there", getting Ramirez and adding Prince Fielder could help that.

Buster Olney tweets "Under category of Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Marlins have poked around in the market to get a feel for interest in Hanley Ramirez." @Buster_ESPN

Joe Frisaro of mlblogs writes that teams are asking about Ramirez, not vice-versa and they are just gauging value. Frisaro writes "What should be clear is the Marlins have no intentions of trading Ramirez. They are hoping he makes a smooth transition to third base." and continues "The Marlins are not looking to move Ramirez. But based on feedback they received in Dallas, they know there is a market for their talented infielder, should the organization have a change of heart."

Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Marlins are getting more interest in Logan Morrison "One member of #Marlins drawing more trade interest than any other: @LoMoMarlins. Highly, highly unlikely that team will move him. #MLB" @Ken_Rosenthal

I'm sure in a perfect world, the Marlins would love to keep Hanley, but as time goes on, it seems that both sides are seeing that it might not work out. It would seem like the Marlins could get a lot for Ramirez, maybe they could add depth to other positions.

By Truth and rumors
Monday, 12 Dec 2011

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