Yellowing Resin, Good Ding Repair Gone Bad

Let's face it, part of why you repair a surfboard is to maintain it's looks. We
like to think that a repair done well is the end of a small tragedy, but sadly
enough it's really just the beginning of another. Have you ever looked at a

surfboard and instantly seen every spot that's ever been repaired? It doesn't
matter how well the job Cheap
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was done when the resin does a chameleons trick
becoming yellow as a Post It note screaming "Ding Ding, Ding" , highlighting
every spot you took time and effort to carefully remove the damaged material and
perform the plastic surgery you thought at the time went so well. What people
aren't aware of is that most repair kits on the market don't include U.V
stabilizers in their resin. These companies are never going to say it, but then
again why would they.

You buy the kit, do the work and this is what you

· Unprofessional appearance

· Lower Resale Value

Weakened repair over time
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While the reason for this is probably tied
to cost or company profit, adding a stabilizer is expensive and they have gotten
away with it - it's just the way things have been …until now. Imagine a resin as
clear as water and a year later it's still that way. That's what PhixDoctor
brings to your ding! Finally an answer to the yellow spots that have plagued the
elusive perfect repair.

Look a little closer and you'll see this is just
one of the innovations PhixDoctor repair kit has to offer. You also get a unique
flexible package designed to Cheap Jets
hold enough resin to complete about 5 average dings. Any
surfer that has spent money on a full sized repair kit or one of those metal
tubes can tell you that most of the resin gets hard before they can use it so has brought together the best resin available in a flex package
so unique it received a U.S. Patent! . Don't buy a big clunky repair kit that
will probably end up hardening before you can use all of it. Check out these
perfectly sized repair kits at and your board will thank you
and so will your wallet. The repair kits come with sand paper, smoothy sheet,
full instructions for Cheap
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only $2.45 each and that includes shipping right
to your door. Remember, a good ding repair shouldn't come back to haunt you!

By Kimberly
Monday, 21 Jan 2013

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