As avid baseball fans, we at The Baseball Page understand that baseball is about more than the statisitics, it is just as much what you have brought to the game as what the game has brought to you.  Our mission is to provide you with a virtual keepbox of baseball memories, pictures and videos and to be your reference guide from this point forward for all of your baseball needs.

Baseball is timeless. As a child, I listened to my Dad spin the story about Bobby Thompson and his shot heard round the world a thousand times. He also gave me great stories about the Boston Braves, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Gil Hodges, and many more. He loved to tell me how he watched games from behind the outfield fence at Braves Field. It was these stories that allowed me to fall in love with baseball.

My most memorable moment can be read in the March 22, 2012 edition of The Boston Globe. It illustrated my somber moment in watching Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS - from my Dad's hospital bed. I watched the first 6 innings of the game with him. When I left, I talked to him all the way home. As life time Red Sox fans it seemed like 86 years of bad history got swept away that night and sharing it with my Dad, whom passed away that December, made it special.  

We encourage you to begin to share your stories in our Memory Lane Blog and as we continue to evolve and develop this site your stories will be attached to the players, teams, and the actual games, season or series you are recounting.

We at the baseball page anticipate hearing your stories and look forward to being your permanent baseball resource.

~ Tom       

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