Daniel McCarthy Biography by The Baseball Page

Daniel McCarthy Biography by The Baseball Page

Daniel R. McCarthy

    * Born August 13, 1924 in Cleveland, OH, USA

Daniel McCarthy is a limited partner of the New York Yankees. A tax lawyer from Cleveland, McCarthy had served as a Sgt. in World War II. In 1991 he was selected by the team to replace Robert Nederlander, who had resigned, as managing general partner during George Steinbrenner's banishment. McCarthy though had previously sued Commissioner Fay Vincent to try to prevent Stienbrenner's ban in the first place. He was able to do so after finding a loophole that allowed him to sue as a limited partner while an official owner can not. When he was selected to take over the reins of the team though McCarthy dropped the suit. After two meetings with Commissioner Vincent, though, Vincent did not feel that McCarthy would be a good fit for the job. Vincent released a statement stating "It is not in the best interests of baseball for Mr. McCarthy to be the permanent general partner." Following this the team and commissioner eventually decided on Joe Molloy to take the job while McCarthy returned to his role as a limited partner.

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