John Galbreath Biography by The Baseball Page

John Galbreath Biography by The Baseball Page

John W. Galbreath

    * School Ohio University

    * Born August 9, 1897 in Derby, OH USA
    * Died July 20, 1988 in Columbus, OH USA

John Galbreath was the son of a farmer who worked various jobs early on such as photographer, bicycle repair, and waiter. He graduated college in 1922, and had some success in real estate, but lost everything during the depression. Galbreath made his comeback selling property for banks. He owned two Kentucky Derby winners: Chateaugay in 1963 and Proud Clarion in 1967.

In 1946, Galbreath, along with Bing Crosby, Tom Johnson, and Frank McKinney, bought the Pittsburgh Pirates. Two years later he took over McKinney's interest in the team. He became president of the team in 1950. The team won 3 World Series during his ownership (1946-1985): 1960, 1971, and 1979. In 1979, he passed the presidency on to his son, Dan Galbreath. The wealth of the two Galbreathes was estimated at $400 million two years before John's death.

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