Ned Colletti

Ned Colletti

Ned Louis Colletti, Jr. is the General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ned Louis Colletti, Jr. is the General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He previously served as Assistant General Manager for the San Francisco Giants.


Colletti graduated from East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, Illinois and Northern Illinois University. Colletti began his Major League Career in 1982 with the Chicago Cubs. He worked in both the media relations and baseball operations departments. He was responsible for handling salary arbitration cases and assisting in player acquisitions. He was honored with the Robert O. Fishel Award for Public Relations Excellence in 1990.

Colletti left the Cubs to join the front office of the San Francisco Giants, first in their public relations department, then in 1997 he became Assistant General Manager. The Giants recorded an 813–644 record (.558) during his time in that position.

Career with the Dodgers

Colletti became the 10th General Manager in Los Angeles Dodgers history and the 5th General Manager for the team in the past 8 years when he was hired prior to the start of the 2006 season. His first job with the team was to hire a new manager, which he accomplished by hiring former Boston Red Sox manager Grady Little. When Little resigned after the 2007 season, Colletti replaced him with Joe Torre.

Colletti's notable player transactions, as GM, include signing Takashi Saito, Jason Schmidt, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, and Andruw Jones; trading César Izturis for Greg Maddux and acquiring Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake.

In 2009 Ned Colletti re-signed Manny Ramirez. Going into the season the Dodgers were a younger team with the departures of veterans Brad Penny, Takashi Saito, Joe Beimel, Chan Ho Park and Derek Lowe. Colletti signed All-Star second baseman Orlando Hudson to add some veteran leadership to a group of young players.




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  • Anonymous said: Hey Ned. I am big Dodgers Fan. Huge actually. I just had a suggestion that I think would be good for you to think about this off season. I was thinking of three free agents you could add to your team for a good reasonable price that would help you tremendously. One is Casey Kotchman the former Angel first baseman and now current free agent from Tampa Bay. I think he would be a tremendous upgrade over James Loney although I like James Loney but I have been a huge Kotchman fan ever since he left the Angels several years ago. I thought that they had them made a terrible by letting him leave as a free agent and they have never really been at first base in Anaheim since he left. I know he does not have a lot of power but he a great fielder and good clubhouse guy and plus he is young to. I think he would be a great addition to your team if you were to go sign him. He also hits for a high average and is consistent at the plate as his .318 batting average this attests to. Another guy who is a free agent right now who I think is the most underrated catcher in Baseball and who absolute make a huge huge difference for your pitching is the cardinals Yadier Molina. The third of the current Molina playing in the Major Leagues right now. He would be a huge upgrade over what you guys right now behind the plate plus is great defensively and has postseason as well as two World Series rings in this time with cardinals. I really believe that if you signed him to maybe a two year deal you guys would not only win the division but also challenge for the pennant and world series. I think a catcher can make a huge difference not only in the clubhouse but also because he a warrior and willing to always play hard for the benefit even battling injuries. I really believe that. I think be such an awesome addition to your roster.Good catchers are hard to find and the Dodgers since they have been in L.A. have been lucky to be blessed with some of the best at that position over the years. The problem is every time we get a good catcher he is traded away or leaves for some reason. We need to have a good catcher and I don't think the guys we right now rank as among very good catchers. We have not really had a decent catcher since Mike Piazza left. Hopefully you will take my advice or at least consider it. I am such huge fan of the team and always have been since baseball is my all time favorite.The last guy I would recommend to add is Jimmy Rollins if he does not sign with the Phillies. I know this sound far fetched idea but I sign him to a short term deal of maybe no more than two years and then turn him into a third baseman. You could then keep Justin Sellers at second base or put Jimmy at shortstop. That is just an idea. I guarantee you he could easily play all three of those positions. Anyway I know the Dodgers are hampered right now by financial constraints and I know that while Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder would also be nice they just want to much money. The guys I just mentioned can all be signed at a reasonable price I would assume and would all of a sudden change the entire complexion of your ballclub. They would offense, defense, leadership, experience, and make you guys without a doubt the team to beat in the division and I think in the National League this year. I firmly believe that by signing Matt Kemp like you guys did and having Kershaw and Either for Another year if we could add these three guys as free agents that would be all we need. Anyway I hope you possibly consider my suggestions because I really do have lots of baseball knowledge. I also hope the new owners offer you a new contract extension because I think you deserve and you are doing a great as GM with the Boys in Blue up in L.A. It has been a long time since Dodger fans were able to celebrate but that day is getting closer and I think soon with a few additions possibly this offseason we will be back in the fall classic and be celebrating another Dodger Championship like years. Take care and best of luck to you at the Winter meetings. Biggest Dodgers Fan around. Ray Barsamian. 3:00AM 11/29/11
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