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How To Create An Ebook...Step-by-Step Guide - Online Business Articles

Making a book doesn't have to be difficult. An ebook can merely be several PDF's produced from a blog post, word document or anything of this sort.

As a blogger, my ebooks are information taken from my blog articles. Recently I found a very great source to generate free ebooks, Zinepal.

Zinepal - Paid vs. Free Version

As a marketer, you need it to be free of Zinepal's advertising. They have THEIR link in the bottom where YOURS belongs. We all like visuals and also the paid version allows images.

How To Write a guide

When writing a guide, start with keyword research.

Google recently changed their external keyword tool to Google's keyword planner. You must have a gmail account and set up a free Adwords account. Adwords is Google's pay for traffic, however you don't have to advertise to have access to the keyword planner, just have an account.

After picking out keywords, decide what your location is going to write your content. It could be on your blog like I do, or make information out of your website. For ideas on content, an excellent place is "Google's Blogs".

When Googling within the Google Blogs search, provide you with TONS of blogs with the keyword phrase under consideration.

It's among the best sources I've found to locate content to swipe. You know everything online is recycled right? We are not getting our Ph. D's, no requirement to reinvent the wheel, seriously.

Some of the "Gurus" on the market just spin content. There is software that could do it, I've looked at a couple in the past and didn't find one that made this content sound as well as the first one. So I don't personally use one.

Once your articles is complete and published to operate blog or website, make URL near the top of your page and plug it in then hit "Select Stories".

Zinepal will populate other websites and you can select others that you want in the ebook.

If you don't have a blog or a website, in the bottom of the image, it says, "You can also start with a blank ebook". Then you can type away as if it was anything document.

After selecting your stories, "Preview Your ebook" to see what changes you would like to make. Then go to "Customize Your ebook" to generate those changes.

At first I thought once you create the ebook inside the free version, that was it. So I was how to sell on fiverr mbo (Going On this page) pleasantly surprised you could change a few things.

ebook Cover

Have you been aware of If not, it can be seriously your brand-new best friend.

Fiverr is the best place to acquire graphic designers for small projects like ebook covers, optin form design, business cards, I mean the list goes on.

As Fiverr has evolved, they have got made a opportinity for the sellers to generate more money, it's name is "extra gigs". I don't recommend buying them unless you find the graphic artist you like.


As a marketer, one from the reasons we do a book is to acquire traffic. On the free version of Zinepal's software, it has THEIR link towards the bottom of the page. So through the entire ebook make sure you put YOUR connect to generate leads or whatever your goals is.

You can use the ebook as a totally free gift in return for email address for list building.

You can pin it on pinterest, give it to your list, share on

You could possibly give it away on Amazon, put your links within it and get traffic!

Now THAT is a ninja trick.

By claudeameyavucjknvio
Sunday, 20 Apr 2014

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