Intex Pumps, Often Requested Inquiries

Have some thoughts about your Intex Pump? Below are some commonly requested thoughts and their responses:

Does or must the Intex Pump preserve the pool partitions and bottom clean? No, with right chemical compounds and filter cartridge cleaning and substitution, the pump will preserve the pool clear from suspended drinking water particles. Once the particles sink, a pool vacuum must be applied to clear the partitions and bottom of the pool. Furthermore the Intex Salt H2o Chlorinator and intex upkeep kits will maintain your pool cleanse from algae and microorganisms. If you do not have an intex saltwater system, you will need to have to include chlorine to your pool.

How long must I run my Intex Pump? We recommend circulating the total pool drinking water as soon as every single working day refer to the desk (Intex Filter Pump 530 gph body and fast set swimming pools crystal obvious model 603) or the educational DVD movie that arrived with your pool for functioning time. You may extend the working hrs based on h2o, ambient situations and significant pool usage. Observe: we do not propose functioning the pump for a lot more than 8 hours for every working day.

Can we use the pool even though the filter pump is working? Is it protected? No, owing to intercontinental specifications, the filter pump is not to be running if pool is in use and/or occupied. All intex pumps are safe and sound and have complied with UL, CSA, ETL, and EN basic safety criteria, howvever widespread perception applies that absolute basic safety is certain by not acquiring it operating when you are in your pool.

What is the everyday living of the filter pump? Intex testing has established Estimated filter pump existence is somewhere around two,000 hours, which is about three summer season seasons of typical usage.

Does a filter pump have to be made use of with my INTEX earlier mentioned floor pool? Sure, for hygienic purposes we propose a filter pump be employed with all INTEX 8' or larger above floor pools.

The h2o flow is not as potent as it applied to be, why? Verify the Difficulties Taking pictures Manual in the Owner's Manual. Most popular brings about are: The filter cartridge. If it is soiled the h2o move will be a great deal much less effective. Common cleansing and replacement will eradicate this problem. The hoses. Examine the hoses for any pinholes creating h2o leakage. The hose clamps. Verify the Hose clamps to ensure they are not looose, if they are air can enter the method and suction can be diminished.

Can the filter pump be operated when a go over is on the pool? Sure.

Can I hook up a vacuum to the pump? Yes, the pump is intended to be used with INTEX vacuum procedure (#58947/58948/ 58949/18947/18948/18949) only. 58947/18947 and 58949/18949 demand a minimal circulation of 800 gph (3028 lph), and 58948 needs a minimum movement of 2,000 gph (7,570 lph). Examine our Intex and Bestway Pool Cleaners area for all our pool cleaners that are appropriate for intex swimming pools. The minimum stream amount essential is revealed on every single pool cleaner, just match this with the stream charge of your existing pump to see if it is appropriate.

Can I up grade my filter pump to a larger sized design and what should I do if I want to improve my pump? Of course, you can update your filter pump to a larger sized product. Make confident the hose fittings are suitable. There are two (2) hose dimensions, design 603/604/637/637R/638/638R use 1-one/four?(32mm) hose measurement (component# 10116 or #11149), and design 635T/636T/633T/634T/FP621/FP622/SF20110/CG Model 8111 use one-1/2?(38mm) hose dimension (element# 11009). You will require two (two) hose adaptors B (part# 10722) when upgrading from 1-1/4?(32mm) to 1-one/two?(38mm) hose fittings. On the other hand, check the pump just before purchasing, as a basic rule intex now includes the adaptor B with their pumps that appear with the 38mm hose fittings so there are commonly no challenges with upsizing.

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