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Much anticipated, Monster MMORPG version 2 is finished!

Why play MonsterMMORPG?

Monster MMORPG is a free to play, browser based, full scale MMORPG video game with contributions heavily made by the MonsterMMORPG player base.
Currently, the game is being developed by Furkan Gozukara (M.Sc.) with the assistance of volunteer users and artisans.
You can check the credits for more specific information.

MonsterMMORPG started as a free online pokemon MMORPG, but had to be taken offline for copyright reasons. After several months, the game converted into monstermmorpg version 1.0!
This transformation was essential to guarantee the permanence of the game.
M3O protects the classic pokémon style gameplay without violating any coprights and trademarks of nintendo.
While Nintendo drags their feet on preparing an online Pokémon mmo rpg game, monstermmorpg keeps on adding features and develops onto the source of the game.
To sum it all up, MonsterMMORPG is ensuring a fantastic game for Pokemon players everywhere.

If you have basic idea about pokemon style games, you will have no difficulty starting to play monstermmorpg.

New players can get the basic information here (1080p!) :

The game already has:

 * Over 1,200 Monsters
* 18 Different types
* 520 game maps designed as 19 sectors (each sector stands for a type)
* 3,000 Different attack moves
* More than 200 Monster skills
* 100 Monster natures
* A Unique Values (UV) structure (akin to IV values in pokemon)
* Training Points (TP) system (akin to EV values in pokémon)
* Non-player character (NPC) Trainers to battle
* 19 Arenas, each with a keen rival inside
* Player versus player (PvP) events
* Very complex shop system that supports trade,buy,sell of items,monsters to the players
* Very well planned game balance
* Sophisticated battle mechanics
* Complex anti-cheating mechanics that ensures even competition
* Strong dedicated game server that ensures fast game
* Each movement is stored at the server so never loss of data
* Sophisticated searching mechanism that provides easiness to the players
* Beatiful game interface
* Private game community forum

Each Monster has a interesting ability pool and when encountered, they are assigned 3 random abilities from this abilities list.
It is almost impossible to have two identical Monsters with the addition of Nature, UV, TP and Abilities.

M3O is also one of the few browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing games that totally supports competitive Player versus player clashes.
MonsterMMORPG thoroughly analyzed the mechanics out, so you and your friends can battle online without thinking about 'sleep hax' or other unfair exploits seen scattered in no download games. If a glitch does come up in game, it can be quickly resoved by reporting it on the Monster MMORPG Forum.

Main game page has a specially developed chat screen that allows players to communicate to each other while playing the game.
Chat box supports 32 different country channels.
In addition there is a helpful private messaging system.

Helpful addresses!

Home Link:
Register URL:
Monster Dex (Like pokemon Dex) More than 1,200 Monsters:
Game Maps Main Address - 19 Sectors:
Game Maps Search Link - 520 Maps:
Game Screen Shots:
Game Tutorials:
Game Profile Pictures:
Game Banners/Logos:
Game's Strongest Monster:
Subscribe to monstermmorpg's Formal Youtube Channel:
Follow Monster MMORPG's Formal Facebook Address:
Like MonsterMMORPG's Formal Twitter Here:
Follow MonsterMMORPG's Formal DeviantArt Link:
Like monster mmorpg's Formal Google Plus Link:

Short Gameplay Information!

 * You can use the arrow keys or w,a,s,d on the game page to move fluently.
* You can go inside of the Monster Center (It has the Monster Center signboard) to revive and switch out your team of Monsters, and the Monster Market(It has the Shop signboard) to buy items and buy, sell, trade Monsters.
* Access your Profile - Control Panel from the header buttons and set your avatar, overworld sprite and change your starting Monster.
* While battling wild Monsters, deplete your opponent's Life Points and throw a Monster box to capture it.

Game Screen Shots!

Battle Wild Monster MonsterMMORPG Monster Details Pokemon Features Monsters MonsterMMORPG

Game Page MonsterMMORPG User Profile MonsterMMORPG

User Profile Team MonsterMMORPG Search A Player MonsterMMORPG

Control Panel MonsterMMORPG Manage Monsters Storage MonsterMMORPG

Monsterdex Monsters Dex Pokedex Pokemon Dex MonsterMMORPG Game Maps Main MonsterMMORPG

Game Maps Search MonsterMMORPG Online Players MonsterMMORPG

Monster Pokemon Details Users MonsterMMORPG NPC Tracking Battle History MonsterMMORPG

Register MonsterMMORPG Monster Pokemon Artwork MonsterMMORPG

Monsters List All Monsters Pokemon MonsterMMORPG Private Message PM System Inbox MonsterMMORPG

Game Avatars Profile Pokemon Monsters MonsterMMORPG Game Maps Detailed Npc Trainer MonsterMMORPG

Game Maps Detailed Wild Monsters MonsterMMORPG Battle Result Pokemon Monster Game MonsterMMORPG

Select Monster MonsterMMORPG Top Trainers Rankings MonsterMMORPG

Market Bazaar Monster Pokemon Buy Sell Trade MonsterMMORPG Sell Monster Bazaar Market Pokemon Buy Trade MonsterMMORPG

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Thursday, 14 Mar 2013

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