A Brief Review of Namecheap

Taking a Closer Look at Namecheap

Namecheap is a popular company that registers domains and also offers web hosting and other services. While Namecheap isn't as high profile a company as its competitors, it has managed to establish an excellent reputation for itself in the last 12 years since it entered the domain registration business. So what are the ups and downs of using Namecheap? We'll go over those in this review.

A company's reliability can be gauged by the quality of its customer support. In terms of domain or web hosting, the company you sign up with should have a good track record of providing prompt assistance to its customers. Namecheap has customer support that's quite good, and the general consensus is that you seldom have to wait long for help. One limitation of their support is that it's all online and you can't reach them by phone. However, they are good about replying to tickets promptly, and they also offer live support on their website. They also have a large forum where you can ask questions and interact with experienced members. Sure, it would be great if there is phone support, but the absence of that doesn't seem to greatly affect Namecheap's reputation when it comes to providing good customer service. While other domain registrars and web hosts tend to have a cluttered layout and design, Namecheap's website is refreshingly clean in design. You won't be lost exploring this site because it's so easy to navigate. Many web hosts and domain registrars have overcrowded websites that make it hard to find your way around. It's hard to find what you need on those other sites because they're trying to sell you a thousand other things when you only need one specific thing. Namecheap won't bombard you with offers and for many, this is enough reason to do with the company. This is helpful whether you're a new customer, or an existing customer who has to make changes or manage your domain or website.

We recommend purchasing your domain name through Namecheap and hosting your site with a company other than Namecheap. There is no question that Namecheap is a very good domain registrar. However, it has received mixed reviews when it comes to web hosting. While it's been 12 years since Namecheap has been offering domain registration, it's only fairly recently that it's been offering web hosting services. This suggests that in web hosting, Namecheap is still largely unproven and has few customers. There are not a few customers who say that up-time, speed, and reliability are not the best. Someday Namecheap may become one of the best web hosts in the industry, but for now, though, it's still a bit risky to use them to host your site.

As a company, Namecheap is continually growing, as shown by its efforts in expanding the company and increasing the number of services it currently offers. While mostly known as a top domain registrar, Namecheap has decided to go into the web hosting business. For your domain or web hosting needs, Namecheap is one you ought to consider. The great thing about this company is that its customer service is compared to none.

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